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The Problem in Making a Kazahana Character

Monday, October 6th, 2008

A reason why a character proposal does not become officially recognized.

     Hello Lifepoint1! Okay, so for the past bit as I’ve secretly (& under the radar) modded around these threads, one thread comes up in particular.

     Project based Character Proposals

     As I went about trying to mod this thread I realized there was not much I could fix up, although the thread still being rather chaotic. The reason being is that many people who do ask questions or post and create a character for the Kazahana world don’t know the exact specifications in which these newly proposed character would be recognized. I know that for those of you who are interested in the project, you instantly dream up your version of the Kazahana world creating your own mystical story that the Kazahana world adheres to, not your story fitting into the overall Kazahana plot. Many characters are made just to fullfill a temporary fantasy that you’ve created out of your imagination and creativity. Although we highly encourage that, at this point in time the whole thread of proposals has been saturated with cliche’ monikers that closely resemble each other.

     Now, for a fact, you, the creator, are not at fault. It’s societies fault drilling into our minds stories and characteristics that define what we believe to be a hero or an individual who’s story is meant to be told. Even though we all can think quite differently of one another it’s these cliche’s that echoe in our mind that results in the creation of – although creatively independent characters to your own mind -  characters that are nearly identical, universally to characters made as a collective group. They all follow that “guideline” that society has burned into our minds, thus being so similar. This is what many of us fail to realize or rather have not been informed to do.

     In order for a characters to be “special”, to have their own sense of individual identity, we must compare them to proposed characters, or even more important, existing characters.

     This is the problem.

     The list is saturated with proposals.

     What’ we’re looking for are works, stories expressed in whatever medium you desire.

     This is my challenge. For everyone to take a character and to make their “own” story through various mediums such as flash, writing, art, or audio.

     Creating a project does not mean you have to create an individual character to be the center of that story. Creating a project can involve taking other people’s characters and making them your own. It’s like taking your favorite tv, movie or video game character and making a fanfiction (a story controlled my you and how you want said characters to act, behave & interact).

     A key component of the project that we’re pushing for is “collaboration,” to interact with other artists to create outstanding works. For example a sculptor can spend his entire life building a magnificent statue or a sculptor can spend his time interacting with others and using the combined efforts of those who in interacts with to build together a statue of epic proportions. In Canada we have a saying, “It’s easier to build a snowcastle with three people rather then one. It’s easier to have ten people make ten snowballs then to have one person make a hundred and it’s easier to have a hundred people go into a snow war then to win the war by yourself.” So heed my advice and work with others, for instance obtaining permission to use their characters, and make a collaborative project. That way you’ll have more time making an epic story rather then making an epic character that has no epic story to live up to.

     The character that we tried to make may already exist. So why not use them? We can use societies “guideline” to pick out existing characters that fit into “our” story of how we perceive an underlying plot in the Kazahana world to go about. So let’s give that a try.

     Let’s try using existing characters to tell “our” story.
     Let’s use characters, who haven’t been used, who’s story hasn’t been told.

     Let’s use those said characters and place them in an epic story of our desires.

     Let’s just do it and have fun.

     Let’s not waste time creating characters they may not be recognized.

     Let’s do something.

     Be productive.

     And create.

Good luck to you to those who enjoy creating epic stories.

     Cause right now we’re waiting.

     We’re waiting for something great.

     The characters are already there.

     What are you going to do about it?


Making a Flash Animation in 12 hours: A KAZAHANA Project (Part1)

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

An Introduction to this walkthrough can be found here.

The first 3 parts of this walkthrough will deal with the very basics of working on a Flash animation (Iin the best way I can describe it.).

  • Part 1:Creating and Preparing “Symbols”
  • Part 2: Frame by Frame / Working on a Flash Timeline
  • Part 3: Motion Tweening

    For people who’ve used Flash before, this is gonna be pretty boring stuff.
    Later parts will deal more on actually building the animation through creating sequences, using effects, composition, plot, structure, pace, and sound.
    With that said, here comes part 1. (more…)