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Serbaayuu’s Review: Clash of the Titans (2010)

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

clash-of-the-titans-2010-movie-posterBy the smoke monster, this movie was awful. I mean, I’d heard bad reviews, but the trailer showed me epic-looking monster battles, and that was what I went for! Un~fortunately, those epic battles are not so much epic as they are poorly directed and boring as all hell.

Warning: Here be spoilers. (more…)


Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 just one of the comments we’ve been hearing about the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of Dragonball. Here are some more comments based on the on-set photos we’ve come across.

Seishou no Hana says:
Why does it look more like the saiyan hairstyle instead of the normal one? It looks brown under yellow lighting… >______> BLACK, PEOPLE. BLACK.
Bandit King Jing says:
Goku looks ok.

Seishou no Hana says:
… ANTENNAE. 8D Can’t wait to see that top secret face. Lulz. If that make-up artist is as good as I hope he is, I think this should be a definite win.
Bandit King Jing says:
can’t believe they wont show us Piccolo Daimou’s face!
Seishou no Hana says:
… I wanted Bulma to have blue haaaaaaaaair DX -headbashekeyboard-

General comments

Seishou no Hana:
Things I want for this movie:

  • I don’t want excuses. I want this to be at least somewhat true to Akira Toriyama’s story; not some hollywood ripoff.
  • Hollywood, I expect effects, EFFECTS, E F F E C T S. I don’t want cheapass visuals and crappy sound effects.
  • Character revisions at Minimal please? I don’t want to see Piccolo hiding panties in his pockets.
  • I know I probably have unrealistic expectations, but this is Dragonball we’re talking about. An ani-manga that probably shaped many of our current manga titles today. They should at least create a good movie that lives up to it.

    I’d kill to see if they’ll have a sequel that has Vegeta going all… “IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAND/EIGHT THOUSANNNNNND (original)”

    I want real kung fu fighting too. Those brawns must at least have good fight skills… and… the flying, please don’t make the strings so darned obvious.

    They’ve postponed the movie’s release to April 3, 2009… :/ Which means the official trailer’ll be out sometime in after next month, maybe?


    -huggles Gohan plushie and calms down-

    Bandit King Jing:
    I can’t get the images of Mortal Kombat from my head when scanning that page.

    Street Fighter The Movie comes to mind.

    Gear Zero:
    Speed Racer comes to mind.

    Nite Stone:
    Some pretty crazy porn comes to mind.

    I think that sums it up nicely.

    More comments and discussion here.

    Movie Prospects for Jan, 25, 2008

    Thursday, January 24th, 2008
    Baby's got back!

    Perceived Plot:
    A buff old man wearing a bandana runs around taking apart a bunch of bad guys to save the the day.

    Why I would watch this:
    It’s Rambo!

    Why I would not watch this:
    It’s Rambo..

    In reality:
    Curiousity will get the best of me.

    Movie Prospects for Jan, 11, 08

    Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
    In the Name of the King
    Uwe Boll's new masterpiece!

    Why I would watch this:
    It’s an Uwe Boll film, and it is my mission to see every peice of crap he ever makes.

    Why I would not watch this:
    I think I am about one Uwe Boll film away from aborting my mission.

    In reality:
    I could drag an unknowing friend to go watch it with me, but he’d probably strangle me afterwards.