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The daily troubles of an animator

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Well Max came up with the idea that I should start making some blog entries, and I said I would try to come up with something.
I will do my best to make these when I come up with or find something interesting, and I will try to not make them boring…

To show that I’m not a complete nerd I will not start with a post about street fighter, and I will rather tell you something about us animators and something that happened to me this year.

We animators must always try to keep things look believable, an arm must move like an arm etc etc (extremely basic :P sorry), and the best references we have, are our own bodies, unless of course your rich enough to hire your own reference model guy when ever it suits you… ( if this is the case : Rich bastard!)
And the best way to study our bodies movements is either to use a camera and record it, or use a mirror.

This brings me to my story, as some of you know I have been living in England this past year, where I studied digital character animation. When I lived there I had this small student apartment, and there was a mirror on the door of my coat closet or what ever its called.
Two weeks before I was leaving this cursed apartment and going back to my home in Norway, I realized a company was looking for animators (you know them as Funcom and so do I). So I started working on some small animation clips, I made a green humanoid monster thing that I animated some small loops of movements etc (walking, crawling, jumping, attacking, threatening etc..).
When I had started animating I used the mirrors I had a lot, I had one small one on my desk, and the one on the door, so sometimes I had to stand up and walk over to the mirror.
Now the problem with this, is that my window was located in such a position that you could see me standing in front of the mirror if your looking in from the road, and something I forgot to mention above is that it was really hot that week so my window was open, and to let some fresh air in I had left the curtains to the side or open if you wish to call it that. Now this was in the evening, and students and the rest of the population in England it seems enjoys to have a drink or party everyday…
So I’m standing there acting and looking at my arm to get the movement of the creatures arm correct, and my eyes suddenly catch movement outside my window, I turn my head and look at the window. Outside there are two girls walking slowly by and looking in from the street, pointing and giggling their butts off.
Caught acting
The problem then was of course being embarrassed of what just happened, hey I was trying to move like the monster would, its bound to look stupid. Unfortunately I did not know these girls even though they lived in the same area, if I knew them I could have explained… but then again it probably wouldn’t be better if I knew them. It pretty much happened like the illustration. It wasn’t that bad but I didn’t feel like animating for an hour or so, and this time I covered the window, had a good laugh of this with a friend later.

Well that’s all for now, If there is anything any of you would want to know about 3D or animation I can try to answer it here.