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Steve’s 2nd Animated Short EVER!!

Thursday, December 28th, 2006
Some people consider this to be a downgrade from my first anaimation, but I consider it as an advancement in many aspects. The piece initially started out as a joke that my roommates and I could laugh about (this was back in college), but eventually this little animated clip would become the precursor to “ONE GUN.”

The (mysterious) character and exploding heads should make that pretty obvious. XD

Viewer Discretion Advised

LiFe.1 Games..?

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Our main focus has always been on telling stories through animations, and animation will always be the core of LiFe.1. Still, we can’t deny the fact that we’ve always had a certain fascination, or should I say interest in creating interactive games, as well. For the most part, our lack of programming / scripting skills has been a major factor in our reluctance to create more interactive content, but recently we’re thinking of taking the “learn as you go” approach.

Above, isn’t really a game, but more of quick demo I made just to test out what I could do with the basic actionscript knowledge I already had. It’s a very simple “point, click and drag” game that requires you to escape the hall. It’s meant to be straight forward so you should be able to get free in no time. ;)

Ultimately this is just a glimpse of what may, or may not be in store for the future. Will we continue to develop our skills to create more games for the site? Will there be a more complex and dynamic sequel to “Detective Hearst?” Or will we just stick with what we know, and just keep with producing animations? 2007 should be an interesting year.

INTERVIEW: Bishop Supreme

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006
We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Bishop Supreme, the creator of “Vice Faction,” for a little Q and A session. This is more of an introductory interview, and we hope to discuss things more with Bishop as his projects develop further.

Could you give us a little background on yourself?

Bishop Supreme: I’m 21… but I’m going to turn 22 January 1st. Right now I’m going to college getting a degree in Art and a Certificate in Gaming. I also enjoy lots of things like Anime and Wrestling. Mixed Martial Arts Fighting is a new thing I’m really getting into.



Friday, December 22nd, 2006
We said there would be an interesting update today, and here it is! If you’ve seen Mei Fen’s “KAZAHANA: The Forumla” and “Death of Forumla,” then “Formula K” should be a pleasant little surprise.

Please feel free to discuss about the project or leave some comments for Mei Fen, here.

Thank you, Animeanonymous!

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

For those of you who don’t know who Animeanonymous is, she is a mysterious and wonderfully talented artist who has been gracing us with amazing XIN fan arts and an outstanding fan manga. We don’t know too much about her, other than the fact every once in a while we get an email from her, loaded with awesome art and new pages for the XIN fan manga.

Her latest delivery is a XIN themed “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” to everyone!

On top of that, 10 new pages of Xin manga! Check them out at HERE

So where ever you are, Animeanonymous, and whoever you may be, we’d just like to say thank you from everyone here at LiFe.1 :)

The KAZAHANA Timeline

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

You can drag the blue square on the bottom to scroll through the months and get a pretty good overview of when each project takes place inside the KAZAHANA story. Clicking on the icons will also take you to the piece itself.

A lot of amazing works have accumulated over the years for the KAZAHANA project, including Flash animations, audio plays, written works, manga / comics, and other artworks. We’ve made some recent updates to the KAZAHANA timeline, and will be making another (very interesting) update by Friday.

MASSIVE UPDATE: 10 New Episodes of “Vice Faction”

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

We declare Bishop Supreme as one of the
hardest working artists in online animation.
10 new VF Episodes for your enjoyment.
Check back in a few days for an exclusive
interview with the man, himself!

Click here for more discussion on Vice Faction.