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Update- Desperate Actions

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

A welcome back to a resuming series, S.I. Trigg’s Kazahana: Desperate Actions. If you haven’t noticed, 5 new pages have been updated and there will be more to come. Read the piece on the site or at the forum.

We had a chance to chat with Trigg about the upcoming events in his project:

How many sub plot lines will there be in Desperate Actions?
Well so far there have been two (Matthew/Syuuhei and Trigg/Kito). And there will be another new character with his part of story. While Mei Kazahana will also be introduced in chapter 3.

Can you tell us more about this new character?
This dude is the highlight of the show. He will appear right after Matthew’s part of the line, while both Mei and Trigg will be involved in his storyline.

How many chapters are there in plan?
There will be 6 or 7 chapters with a final fight as the conclusion. Do expect some shockers coming up.

Will any of the main characters be found dead?
Yes, there will be. Sad to say :( . And I won’t spell the person’s name.

So why are Kito and Kiragawa after Syuuhei?
That’s something you find out later. But let me just say Akima has some inside connections.

Will we see more of Trigg?
He will leave in chapter 4, and come back in chapter 6. But yea he will be there until the end :D .

UPDATE: More XIN Fan Manga Pages + Elemental High!

Monday, January 22nd, 2007
XIN vs. Dom
XIN vs. Dom
Animeanonymous brings it, yet again! It’s great to see an alternate take on the XIN vs. Dom fight. I wonder what happens next? (XD)

On another note. We’ve finally put up “Elemental High!” Special thanks to Red Ace and Animeanonymous for letting us feature this project. I wonder what happens next! (Seriously this time.. ;) )

Elemental Hgh!
Elemental High

UPDATE: Vice Faction #24

Saturday, January 20th, 2007
Vice Faction #24 Whoa! The suspense is really piling up in this latest episode of “Vice Faction.” The series has definitely been developing rapidly in terms of its story, visuals, and fan base.

There’s a lot of build up in this episode, and I really can’t wait to see what happens next! XD

Update + Retrospect: Fictions by Black Dremora

Friday, January 19th, 2007
Here we are at last … the end of it all. Act 5. I must say it’s been a great road, continuing this particular chain of events all the way from Brothers of Vengeance, What Dreams May Come of Violence, The Breaker, and now The 5 Acts of Contrition. All of those stories have really been one long continuation of Jack’s tale, offering little bits and pieces along the way, from the beginning of the Mass battle to here, November 29th. Thanks especially to everyone who took the time to read these ridiculously long fics (altogether a surplus of a well over a hundred pages), and to those who commented and encouraged me the whole way. Sorry it took so long to get 5 acts out there, but I’ve been rather preoccupied lately

Before I give you the conclusion of this series, I will give you a rough explanation of some things which I feel need explaining, concerning the overlapping timelines of my pieces.
Chronologically, The Breaker is the longest, first, and last. Shortly after the Breaker begins, BOV begins. After BOV comes What Dreams, after which comes 5 Acts. Also connected to this series is White Dove, by SelinaKyle, and Way of the Sword, by Samurai-X, which take place some time during BOV, What Dreams, and in the space between What Dreams and 5 Acts.
5 Acts ends on the 29th of November, but the Breaker ends on December 9th. Thus, 5 Acts begins and ends on a single day between the dates of November 26 and December 9 in the Breaker, a large space which I left intentionally absent.

Anyway, with that overly verbose and mostly unnecessary introduction out of the way, I give you the final chapter of the 5 Acts of Contrition, and the end of a long tale I had begun to forge way back on the old forum. It’s been a great time, and I hope you all enjoy this finale.

January 20, 2006 ~ January 18, 2007
- Black Dremora
Online Version      PDF Version

Brothers of Vengeance
Two brothers, two backgrounds, one intention. They met at a tournament to kill each other. Was it just destiny? Or a conspiracy? The story of Jack Kazahana takes off here.
Online Version PDF Version

The Breaker
Battle judges are supposed to be feared, respected, and despised. They are the dirty behind the scene figures who keep the brutal battle running according to family’s well. Right? The Breaker examines the incidents in the battle from other pieces, and reveals the deck of cards in the judges’ hands.
Online Version PDF Version

What Dreams May Come of Violence
A man full of mystery and wounds paid a lonesome hospital a visit in the middle of the night. What was his intention? Where was he from? And most importantly, who was he? The most unique piece among this series is also written in a refreshing first person perspective.
Online Version PDF Version

Bizarre Shorts – Carmen’s Way
Chill, take a break. Have fun with the amusing short.
Online Version PDF Version

Ongoing projects
Cognitive Valium
Elite clone troop, the Sang-Froid Sextuplets approached. They symbolized absolute power and domination…until you keep reading this twisted surrealistic piece and exclaim “wtf?”.
Read it Here

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Smart Button Mashing

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

After case 2, I thought it could only be so intensive. Then case 3 was incredibly fun and refreshing. After case 3, I thought it could only get so good. Then case 4 was a huge surprise. After case 4, I thought everything ended in a nice way, then in case 5…….

Text, CG, and H-Games
Text CG adventure games (or Visual Novels) were a popular genre in early/mid 90s. The original gameplay itself was incredibly shallow, and then most people preferred flipping pages rather than clicking buttons. The contents were equally thin as most of them were choose-your-path type of thing. However, the genre did find a way to carry itself on in the market, and that was the creation of Hentai Games. Hentai game then have blossomed into its own garden.


Okami: Joys and Tears

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

So Clover was closed because its titles didn’t sell? A simple fact is, everyone who owns a PS2 should have a copy of Okami.

Undeniably the comparison with Zelda is right there, that along shows how great and weighty this game is. The theme of ancient Japan is incredibly rich with blends of various legendary and mythical icons partaking roles. As for the cliche high-tech past civilization…I offer no comments. Regarding the other cliche moment as Amaterasu started falling in the final boss fight, Issun‘s old school speech actually brought me in tears. I sincerely can’t remember the last time I sat through an end credit with moistures in my sight. Can somebody please throw me a download for the end theme song?


UPDATE: 8 More Pages Added to the XIN Fan Manga!

Thursday, January 11th, 2007
Animeanonymous has once again graced us with another spectacular update for the XIN Fan Manga! As always, we’d like to thank her for sharing her amazing talents with us all. :)

These new pages cover most ot the events up to the last moments of Session 6, and bring the manga to a whopping 44 pages in total. But if you think that’s impressive, Animeanonymous and her friend Red Ace have also been working on a completely original manga called “Elemental High.”

Elemental High can be found at Animeanonymous’s Sheezy Art page, but maybe she’ll let us feature it on our site as well. What do you think, Animeanonymous? XD