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5 minute reviews – May 2007

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

In the past we’ve tried a few full blown reviews of various subjects, but this time we will try something less stressful to write and easier to read. Those quick reviews won’t necessarily be on the latest games, but they will be based on the latest experiences. We will focus on game reviews first, then if things work out perhaps we will expand to other areas.
We also look forward to take member reviews through this format. If you’d like to contribute for the collection of June, please write a 30~50 word paragraph and a score based on a five star system on the forum. We will then post materials we like :) .
We will keep this a monthly post.

Yoshi’s Island DS
High production value. Very rich stages, fun to explore. Gets very frustrating at the end…I still can’t beat stage 5-7. Almost smashed the DS for it (not even mine; Lim’s). Difficult game to perfect. Isn’t really all that addictive at the end of the day.
Puyo Puyo 15th Year Anniversary Edition
Simple tetris alternative with a bunch of modes. Charming to casually play a few rounds then end up spending hours. Great multiplayer.
Musou Orochi
Same old gameplay of the “Dynasty Warriors” games and graphics that dominated the past decade. Still very very addictive. Premise is dumb, but how can you say no to a combination of 79 characters? New character Orochi owns. Though they did miss some exclusives from SW2: Empires and DW3. Meh who cares.
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Midway’s own attempt of mega package featuring recycled materials at the dusk of PS2 era. Konquest mode is amusingly fun. Custom fighter option is great. I am not moved by the huge cast….but fighting game genre is slipping away from me. Names just sound like Chinese, they aren’t.
Disgaea 2
Very deep system for character class, stage, battle, and dark court. A superb bargain for level up freaks. The game basically offers an infinite number of maps and levels…which actually discouraged me as I enjoy maxing things out in games. Maybe I’ll try again after I retire.

Friends at Newgrounds

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

We’ve known Bishop Supreme and Paul Foy (Bandit King Jing) for quite a while now. Both are very talented artists who are trying to show their work to more people, and of course we’re all about helping artists get their projects known.:)

Below are links to some of their recent work at Newgrounds. In Bishop’s case, his animation was just submitted today.

KAZAHANA: Kendrick & Ben

By Bishop Supreme
An action packed KAZAHANA short starring
the dynamic assassin duo, Kendrick Cage, and Ben Fabrizio.
Shin ArkAngel – 01

by Paul Foy
Shin ArkAngel – 02

by Paul Foy
The first 2 parts of an epic sci-fi mecha series
that is planned to span almost 30 episodes.

“A group of freedom fighters struggle against an evil Empire.
They take into battle with them ancient “living” machines
known as ArkAngels. Meanwhile, the Empire have
another ancient machine that requires no pilot and is
considered the most destructive force in the universe
…The Nefilim.”

When the Lights Go Out

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
Written by Alazar Ramir

A Kazahana alternative reality piece, also a sequel to Ramir’s Predation

The Drifter
Xing Liu

Read the PDF version
Read the HTML version

Top Ten Reasons Why Phishing Scams Are On The Rise

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Ever wonder what we do outside of LiFepoint1 projects? Here’s one example.

Phishing and email scams are a big problem lately. This is a little animation based on some of our observations on the issue, in the style of the Top Ten list on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Special Thanks to the very talented Cody Coleman for the great voice overs.

RPB Tuesday

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
THE XIN Role Playing Boards
Public High School #552

Public High School # 259
- A kinda, “Orginization” combining normal students, pillars and the S.H.C.P seems at an attempt to bring itself into play as protectors.

- Mr. Asiv seems to have alot to answer for, as the students return from The Gods quest Mrs. Oki Nanda is unhappy with their condition.

- Soon it would seem Mr. Asiv and Mr. Kazahana will finally meet, face to face. A dinner plan was made with Mrs. Oki Nanda with Kazahana, Asiv seems to have been able to go along for the ride as it where.

- Sean Barker seems to have gotten his hands on an interesting formula of a drug that made its way from New York to California… It’s name is “Reaper”.

Hircine High
- Currently, Stern Masons master plan (something which has been in the works for close to six months) is finally beginning in the school, via a rally. The main intention seems (though nothing is certain considering the reasons behind the storyline have never been shared) to be to garner public attention to the demonstration.

- The Hand are in much more trouble than first thought, with one member severely injured, another rather savagely killed and Kvist himself being confronted in the space of a week. The ending of the storyline is coming soon, the question is who will get the last laugh?

- Hircine….Plus YuGiOh and M:TG? True enough, see the artwork sections for customised cards created for both TCGs of notable characters from the site!

- A loose cannon in the bigger picture, Shuya Katsumoto, has appeared in the vicinity of the Hand members killing with a camera, all present are assumed to be photographed. Blackmail in the works, perhaps?

- Not to forget, after popular demand, we were treated to a macabre but humorous thread of Zeniro, perhaps the most unstable character on the site, using crayons as per the requests in the Xin Awards!

Hargrove Academy

Mugen Hall
- We’ve posted up the “Gang Rules.” The rules are pretty a much a new and fresh take on how gangs can be formed. How gangs can obtain NPCs pretty much applies to the NPC rules currently in place for Mugen Hall.

- We’ve made some modifications to the NPC rules. Mainly revolving around the School Resource Officer and Player Cops. But more rules will be in place within the next few days.

- A School Captain and Pillar System are in place with some interesting and fresh changes. It’s a fresh take that will ensure a lot of chaos. ^_^ Yes, chaos is good.

- We almost got the Qi system worked out. Qi rules are about 90% complete.

- We’re currently working on Jobs, Clubs/Sports, Fighting, Item Shop, and EXP. The rules regarding those aspects should be up within the next week.

- While we’re working on the rules and other important things for Mugen Halls. Players are allowed to RP on Mugen Hall Omake board within our Pseudo-RP category. While players wait for Mugen Hall to be RP ready, they can RP in the Omake board allow them to work on general RPing, RP fighting, and fighting using stats and RP. Or if you want to goof off in character and do the stuff that your character wouldn’t really do in actual RP.

Seishou’s Daily Life

Monday, May 28th, 2007
Comic by Seishou no Hana

Read the latest entries here.

Vice Faction #26

Sunday, May 27th, 2007
Vice Faction #26
Animation and story by Bishop Surpreme

Character guide