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Vegaman’s Awesome 3D Works

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Times like this make me wish I had picked up some 3D animation skills when I had the chance. :P Vegaman’s works always amaze me, and here are some of his latest!
Flies and Cannons

Vegaman’s final project! A really neat and quirky story, with cool visuals, and a lot of style and humor. Plus, the fly sound effects are so cute! XD

Hugo Andore Dancing Around

Yes, it’s Hugo from Final Fight, and who ever knew that he could dance like that? I’m lovin’ the choreography!


Friday Status Report

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Today’s Updates!

Vice Faction # 31


LiFe.1 Forum Manga Flash Teaser!

The Forum manga hits 50 pages!

forum manga

Upcoming News

  • Lately, production on Surface has been rough to say the least. We’ve had multiple file corruptions, malfunctioning flash drives, and a schedule that just won’t let up in terms of a free moment. So after some discussion,we’ve decided to combine both Surface 2-2 and 2-3 into one segment. While this will delay the next release, it should also lead to a relatively more satisfying and complete segment. Surface Episode 2 will now be a 3 part animation, instead of 4.
  • JLJeremiah’s HARBINGER Episode 1 is nearing completion.
    From what I’ve seen so far, it looks to be the start of an amazing epic series with great visuals, deep story, and complex characters. Check here for more information. A soundtrack for this series is also planned to be released next week.
  • I recently had the chance to do a little interview with Unicomics. We plan to do something different with its content, and hopefully it’ll be released in a few days.
  • Andre Fan Art

    Thursday, June 28th, 2007
    Something I ran into.

    Artwork by dnimruo

    It’s awesome :D .

    MUSIC: Regenesis’s In the midst of battle

    Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
    Songs written by Regenesis

    Formulae Forgotten

    Midnight Delivery

    Midnight Delivery Version 2

    Strength for the Losted

    Cruel Intent



    RPB Tuesday

    Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
    THE XIN Role Playing Boards
    Public High School #552

    - Celeste, or “Fenrir” for now, recently got in touch with renowned technological genius, hacker, and everything in between Deryk Bayard. They’ve had a pleasant past together, filled with sweet memories and sadistic tendencies, but that’s not the only reason why they’re together again, proven by their quick go at destroying identities, forming identities, and well… Everything in between.

    - More and more familiar faces are showing up as though foreshadowing something crazy about to happen. Wanderer (Eric Sidel), former leader of Equilibrium, also makes his silent return and is that Karel (former Reign of Blood co-leader and person of interest to Celeste) about to meet Alexandre?!

    - Toushi (member of Menagerie; gang that “murdered” Celeste) amputated Leon Sudeki’s arm with a katana in a knock down, drag out fight that encompassed the night, complete with flying people (and trees), out-of-season ice and snow galore, and godly abilities combatting one another as the Dragon of Water and Ice runs off with some injuries yet a victory all the same… And the Lightning Dragon (Leon) and Thunder Dragon (Ark; one of the terrors of 552) have their own matters to tend to… Like Leon gaining an incentive to go to Lobos Cathedral…


    - After a long series of technical difficulties, 552 IS HAVING AN OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT! Signups are already packed, but there’s a waiting list begging to be filled! But the only details given are… The participants are forced to fight, whether they like it or not.

    - Vetis is working on a massive quilt project for the Art / Lit section of the board. It’s centralized around animation of many sorts like anime to DC and Marvel comics. Basically, a personal project because he grew up with all these personas, but a big project nonetheless!

    Public High School # 259

    -Some unknown party with a sizable amount of power had Aureus thrown into a mental institution for being dangerous to himself and society and mentally unbalanced. Were the charges true? Not completely, but since when does that matter?

    -The Emergency Assembly has finally exploded into a full-blown riot! A student may have been killed by an S.H.C.P., The same S.H.C.P. had his eye gouged out, fights are breaking out everywhere, and the Pillars are no where to be seen! School Captain Mitsuki Park and former God-turned-Student Dion are now trying to settle down the crowd and evacuate the building before all hell breaks loose!


    -Lotto #5, LONG overdue has finally been opened! The current pot holding is $1262! First Place winners get 3x the pot, second place winners get 2x the pot, and third place gets the pot. ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL GET A CONSTELLATION PRIZE ITEM.

    -Xin Replica Awards #2 is out! Who most re-animates those very important features of our very favorite heroes and villains from our favorite show!? Are you fast like XIN, strong like Andre, or power-hungry like Dimir!? Vote to see who’s who!

    -Our second Categorical Xin Awards are also open! See what our fellow players think of each other, as we vote each other scariest, cutest, prettiest, sexiest, smartest, and other things! See how various CUSTOM categories are created like: The Sexiest Beast, Most Likely To Kill You 10 Seconds From Now, Most Likely To Be Seen Wearing A Fajita On Their Left Ear, and other things! Rumor has it that those voted ‘Ugliest’ will receive +1 Charisma out of pity! As for the same for categories like ‘Stupidest’ receiving +1 Intelligence! See how your characters are viewed! Only rules are NO voting of who is the best RPer and the Strongest Fighter!

    -Let’s welcome in our newest member for this week: Rena Miyogi!

    -Let’s welcome BACK one of our oldest members, who just rejoined us this week: Xiella Volkova! As to who she was on her previous account is a secret! See if you can find out!

    Hircine High

    Hargrove Academy

    RPBs Under Development
    Mugen Hall
    Ballaton Academy

    Seishou’s Daily Life #6

    Monday, June 25th, 2007
    Comic by Seishou no Hana

    Read the latest entries here.

    Vice Faction # 30!

    Sunday, June 24th, 2007


    Animation and story by Bishop Supreme

    Character guide