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RPB Tuesday

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
THE XIN Role Playing Boards
Public High School #552
There is a new quest for the newer members, as well as the old, which involves… (wonder) dogs? … And Germans?

Several members of the board had been given an invitation to participate in an unprecedented event… Who sent them the invitations and what is his motive? What lie in store for those who accepted?

Also… We are currently in round two of the tournament with Wanderer against Shugo and Ark against Kevin (or Tiel if he does not show)! With their creative minds, it’s anyone’s game.

Alas, after several years of working on this board, Zivilyn takes her leave from being a staff member. She had the board running for a good, long time and she will be missed and not forgotten.

We have been getting requests from students to become MC Teachers and one newly instated teacher is Okapi Kaipo. Go RP with her and make her feel welcomed on the site.

Congrats to Valo and Xaier for becoming Pillars! Do you jobs, guys.

Faust has opened a nightclub, giving job opportunities to the inhabitants of New York.

Public High School # 259

Hircine High
- The tournament is onto the semi-finals, with veterans of the site Dain Gavyns and Pain Killer facing off in what very well might become a spectacular event! Aryn Valcoph, the newcomer to the tournament scene, has defied the odds and the bookies to progress on to face Kyukaku in a fight that, so far, can only be described as the most…interesting fight so far this year. On top of that, it seems they’ve garnered interest from a few other members, most particularly the bestial Maori, Zeniro.

- In a surprising turn of events Shamino Warhen, an almost untouchable character, has been injured badly after a business deal went wrong. Taking solace with a former colleague, Taiku Akimoto, the outcome of the conversation could be something that affects the masses.

- Principal MacMillan has finally reacted in the aftermath of Stern Masons attempted riot, usurping the positions of his Captain and Pillars and effectively replacing them with an outside party. Hints have been dropped toward excessive chance students will be badly injured after new legislation was passed, but only time will tell, with Tiao Lei Shen serving only to inflame situation with a blatant attempt to attack MacMillan.

- Seth Calloway, a newly arrived gang leader, has found that life in San Francisco isn’t always idyllic. Approached by William Fletcher and challenged directly, wagers have been made that continue to rise. Just how high can the stakes climb in this fight?

Hargrove Academy

RPBs Under Development
Mugen Hall
Ballaton Academy

5 minute reviews – July 2007 Part 2

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Submit a August entry here!

Stylish yet extremely boring cutscenes. Heavy sniping is fun. Being sniped is not and boy, those rocket launcher guys are seriously cheap. Feels like there are only two enemy models. AI allows FPS noob like me beating it with no problem. Game ends before you can react.
Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne
Uninspired gameplay features running around event triggering. Unbalanced fight makes you battle either a group of unnamed thugs or a key character who doesn’t really move. You can be dominating in one, and be utterly destroyed in the next. NPC models are widely recycled. Nonetheless, if you are a serious fan you may stand a chance to bear through all these.

Godai: Elements of power
This game sucks. End of my review. Well what else can I say? The graphics sucks, music sucks, gameplay is boring and repetitive, the story is lame, and should have not been created. I would rather watch an old lady strip for 20 minutes then play 20 minutes if this game. Seriously. This is a good example of why 3DO went bankrupt.
Devil May Cry 3
Dante shatters the bad ass meter in the first 45 seconds of the game. Cool weapons, fast combat, decent story, this is the game that should of came out instead of Devil May Cry 2. Unless you get the special edition, the medium in this game is equal to Japan’s hard mode so it can get pretty frustrating for DMC newbies. Thanks to Dante, I now feel inferior as a man.

Call of Duty 2
This is a somewhat generic war/gun game but fun and entertaining all the same. This isn’t a simple run and shoot game: it requires some tactics. The realistic aiming system adds an extra sense of authenticity to the game… making more of a feat to master. The game is based on the Second World War. I quite enjoy hearing the German gibberish before you blow them up. Alright graphics and ok storyline.

Ace Combat Squadron Leader
As you may have guessed it is a flying game and the variety of aircraft and scenarios deliver just that. The real meat in the game is actually the plot, which changes constantly with brilliant twists. Even without the cutscenes, the levels themselves are filled with chatter. Stunningly involving game with nostalgic value and replayability as long as you like flying.

Odin Sphere
The fighting system is well done and easy to learn. Some bosses require more patience than skill to kill. Linear, feels like playing through an immense storybook.
The reference to Norse mythology was so loose that it was just about as plain as seeing Sleipnir in any Final Fantasy. Thanks to US licensing division, the story had more structure to it. Voice Acting still goes to the Japanese cast however.

Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure
For any puzzle lover, this game is a must. Looking past the intriguing puzzles, the plot itself is a bit of a letdown leaving you to simply walk about the house mundanely doing your job solving puzzles and learning of the various family members. But if you can enjoy yourself with the well detailed graphics, smooth game play, and the creative puzzles it’ll be a good investment of 20 bucks.

Update: Lifepoint1 Forum Manga

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
5 new pages!

Art and story by unicomics


Update: Regenesis’s In the midst of battle

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
Songs written by Regenesis

For those who aren’t aware of this project, this is a “open music project” welcomed to anyone who’d like to participate: whether it’s a melody in your mind that you can only hum, or a suggestion about a Kazahana theme song. Check out the thread for more details.

New Song: Thinking on my Lonesome
P.S. Lyrics are intended for this song so if anybody (voice actors) want to take a stab at it go right ahead.

Formulae Forgotten

Midnight Delivery

Midnight Delivery Version 2

Strength for the Losted

Cruel Intent



RPB Tuesday

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
THE XIN Role Playing Boards
Public High School #552 Public High School # 259
- A funeral for Mr. Asiv has been held, several of the faculty showing up to support their fallen commrade, as well as comment on the situation, an unknown face showed up to pay respects from afar.

- A new supervisor has begun walking the halls of 259, rumor has it this man has replaced Asiv and is also a psychology major, what kind of trouble, or anti-trouble campaign will this new head create?

- Addicts of Brimstone, the drug spread through out the school by its previous supervisor, Asiv, are being rounded up it seems. Several have been disciplined, and more and more of the teachers are beginning to despise the drug abusing attendants of their school, what will happen to this odd drug?

- An older member has shown his face again, Mekiel Echigo, going under a new identity, or rather, several. We welcome Menboku Eiki to our IC and OOC fun. Karel has also resurfaced, although it seems to be only involved with our very own Chi. Finally, a new transfer has popped up on 259, Kevin Alvari-Collessano, also known as Kevin Fields.

- A non linear fighting contest has been kicked up by our very own Ender, after getting tired of seeing the same ole fights he has decided he will hold a contest for the best fight board wide for the students, who knows what the winner will get! Also. Thanks to this being non linear, your wildest imaginations are possible! None of this has to happen to shift up your story line for your character, go nuts, have fun, and for gods sake kick some righteous backside!

Hircine High
– Round Two of the Tournament begins, with match ups between Aryn and Antonio, Kyosuke and Kyukaku, Pain Killer and Victor, and finally, Shamino and Dain. Winners will soon be decided by Friday!

– In the thread “Prelude to Destruction,” gang leader August Velway has been tricked into a bet by Seth Calloway, resulting in him becoming one of his four Horsemen in the up and coming gang: Revelations.

Hargrove Academy

RPBs Under Development
Mugen Hall
Ballaton Academy

Vice Faction #33

Saturday, July 21st, 2007


Animation and story by Bishop Supreme

Character guide


5 minute reviews – July 2007 Part 1

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Thanks for everyone’s input. The number of entries has been great and we will have to post them out in multiple posts.

Great presentation. Gameplay felt like downgraded DMC. Staying too close to the manga eliminates all the potentials. Can be finished within a couple hours. Uninspired final fight where you are either stunned by bullet rain or forced to watch bosses pulling their special moves every other second.
The Siren 2
Zombies again? Outstanding atmosphere and texture. Non-linear storytelling. Creative ways to bring out clues. Scenarios are nice 5 minutes thrillers. Some frustrating aimless stages. Action earns its respect as things progress. Does the final boss have something to do with Contra?

Roll Away
Over 150 levels of hair pulling; the game revolves around a beach ball rolling around a thin platform in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The goal is to reach the key to open the exit, the whole time collecting coins, avoiding spikes, ice blocks, collapsing sections of the platform and even the risk of falling down to your doom. It’s tricky, it’s fun, it’s lovingly frustrating.

Jump Ultimate Stars
Take the most popular Shonen Series such as Naruto, Prince of Tennis and Death Note and stick them in a game and what do you get? Pure fun on the DS. With its simplistic battle system and complex deck building strategies that support numerous playing styles, no two opponents you’ll fight will be the same. The number of playable characters in this thing is just ridiculous!
Shadow of Rome
Capcom’s venture into ancient Rome. You play as Agrippa and Octavianus who have two completely different play mechanics. Agrippa fights as a gladiator and gets his hands nice and dirty while his friend partakes in MGS style sneaking missions. The action is fast, frantic and of course quiet bloody. Onimusha players will feel quiet at home with this one.

Final Fantasy X2
The first sequel in the franchise happens to have drastic changes from its original. Actually, almost everything is different: no Sphere Grid, no Blitz ball, and no Aeons. Nonetheless it’s still good fun to follow the characters after X. Try to complete as much as you can. It’s hard to enjoy if you don’t reach at least 89%.

Prince of Persia: The Two Throne
The sequel the first Prince of Persia should have gotten. The combat is quick and fun. The style is a lot like the first Prince of Persia, and now doesn’t include the crappy metal emo theme from the first one. Also you get to play as the corrupted prince which is cool. Pretty fun and enjoyable.
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
A guy would play this for one reason: girls in almost nothing with big, ummm.. “talent”, playing volleyball (which is pretty fun), riding jet ski’s(which a hard to control), gambling, riding water slides(hard to control) and playing with each other…. in mingames (pretty much based on luck and tapping the A button). Any perverted 16 year olds dream! Or any pervert in general!