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Hello Lifepoint1

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Hello LP1-ers
It’s me UNiCOMICS on the front page here to give you a monthly update of forum derivatives and of course the LIFEPOINT1 FORUM MANGA.

the first thing I like you to know about is Lords Of Nergala a RPB created by the one and only Black_Dremora. if you like more information about the fun RPB look it up on the forum.

RPB UPDATE from Black_Dremora

The manic villain Lord Naze has assassinated the entire royal family in the hopes of provoking a guild war between the squabbling beaurocracies of Nergala. Valensis and Sanzo Abarai, two upstart young adventurers, have placed it on themselves to journey to the Sanctus Arcana in order to convince the Archmage not to recall his battlemages from the Knights of Path, so order can be maintained.

Recent updates have been made to the site’s rules and regulations, as well as the Class System and Alchemy Fail Saves to better balance gameplay.

click here for more information
I will make more updates on what happens in the world of Nergala each month

the next thing I to say is… you guessed it, the forum manga, the manga is near the end of chapter 4 and the end of Vol 1 of the LIFEPOINT1 FORUM. But don’t worry there will be a chapter 5 which will be 30 pages instead of 20 pages, so be sure to look up on the latest pages of the weird and sort of epic world of the LIFEPOINT1 FORUM. lets not forget the LP1: FORUM – MOVIE.

more updates will come next month.

UNi :)

Whatever happened to… “Schatt Kazahana”

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Also read this forum post.

Schatt was adapted in a game beta. The concept goes as simple as avoiding obstacles and reaching the goal, nothing else.

Current Stats

What Happened to It
The idea of a Schatt’s game was raised as a test run of a “escape the room” type of game with more elements: character moving, obstacles, health, time restriction…etc. But obviously that provides too big of a challenge while we did map out a full scenario. At the end we decided to go for a lesser ambitious idea, which ended up being Leo Himura’s No Exit.

Chances for Resuming
In a VIP discussion we thought it would be cool to resume this idea with:
- a plotline that covers different locations for Schatt to go through, featuring famous Kazahana locations.
- Detective Hearst type of conversation cutscenes in between stage.
- Multiple endings depending on the stage you fail.
- Possible item collecting and plugging mechanics.

We mainly want to experience how many varieties can a simple game concept bring, based on these rules:
- Schatt moves 4 directions.
- Once moving obstacles hit him, game ends. Obstacles move in patterns.
- Maps are in semi bird eye view.

Now we thought it might be interesting to open this game up to the forum for story building and level designs, with elements listed above. What we are looking for is a proposal of:
A. Story outline
- a completed simple story outline of Schatt’s adventure
- interactive dialogs – choice A, B, C with different outcomes. Outcomes could be change of stage sequence, or various endings (up to around 10).
- different sets of famous Kazahana environment/locations

B. Stage design
- around 15 stages
- outline of obstacles, traps, maze, key items…etc

This project will resume if we see interesting level designs and storyline… Make a proposal here.

Flash Animation: Vice Faction # 34

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007


Animation and story by Bishop Supreme
Special guest animation and music by Steve Lim and Max Mao.

Character guide


RPB Tuesday: Another Newcomer

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Another RPB joins the “Under Development” List.

Hallen High

The creators say that it will have some unique features and a different kind of stat system.
As always, we will keep an open mind, and see how things pan out over time.

THE XIN Role Playing Boards
Public High School #552
Headmaster Clarke has exposed his plans for the students in the assembly;
the good and kind teachers that had been the source of hope for the students
now hang on the verge of death from the ceiling of the auditorium, and a gas
has been released into the air that has made the students resort to their
more ‘animal’ and ‘sadistic’ instincts, and now fight each other without
The scene is bloody and gruesome and is being made worse as the gas
masked teachers now draw closer in for the ‘kill’. Not only this, but amidst
the chaos the epic dual between the School Captain and Headmaster begins.
Who will merge victorious? What will become of the school now?

Public High School # 259
-The Return Of The Fire Dragon: John Ong has returned! And he’s come back as a bigger, badder bad ass! Rage is flaming up, as he’s tries to start up things with faculty members and students alike!

-First Art Class: The sexy, hippie-like Miss St. Valentine has started up the first Art Class at PHS #259, and has completed it in record time! Such an excellant worker is to be commended as a welcome addition to PHS #259!

-Transfer Fight: Valo & Saito (Affectionately referred to as ‘Sigh-Toe’) have started up a fight on the school grounds! Such long time friends, all the way from New York are sure to create a spectacle! Who will win!?

-Girl Time: It seems as though some of the ladies of 259 are starting to move about, checking out some of the new people. We look at our wonderful RPers including Chi, Emily, Jenesis, and Calamity as they spur up the activity!

-More Transfer Fights: 552er’s Leon Sudeki And Veyugen Galyant clash! NEED WE SAY ANYMORE!?

-Return Of The Takanawa Sisters: ITS THE TAKANAWA SISTERS, KASUMI AND MUTZIKO! If they’re going to be ANYTHING like they were, the last time they were active… we’ll… really have to edit things out in future RPB Tuesday reports, due to the extreme nature.

-ITS TRAVESTY: Travis Delmonte returns in full force! No person is safe, and gender is not discriminated against!

-Sexual Education: SEX ED! …The class’s attendents are late. BAD STUDENTS. And for SEXUAL EDUCATION of all things!

-OMFG PSYCHOLOGY: Learning why people enjoy doing the strange things that make themselves suffer! New teacher Layla “Reira” Clavering is on the prowl… with a… TALKING DOLL!? Is this possibly also a ‘PSYCHIC’ class!? The cosplaying madwoman has only just begun her class! Oh the madness! —Accentuated by the fact that she is… without a doubt, yet another rather ‘fetching’ addition to the faculty’s entirety.

-Back From Oregon: Michael returns, from helping his grandparents back at the farm. …Lets just hope that its a ‘happy welcome back’ sort of thing, to 259…

-RETURN OF THE JACKAL!: RAZZO RETURNS! ‘The Smiling Monster’ comes back, FULL FORCE, it appears… apparently in time to see a strange person force people to dance, ‘lest he hit them with a rock, and make them do whatever they want… >_>. Hilarity ensues. FULL FORCE! =D

-The Rise Of Deutsche Küche!: Well, it appears as though the only popular job on 259 is only growing more and more… “Unfettered’s” been busy at work, trying to recruit people like the elusive M.A.P., Chi, Emily, newcomer Thomas Cooper, and more! …And apparently, its about to get even more crowded on the second floor, with new tenants M.A.P. and Chi. …Banzai!?

-The End(er): …Ender disappears! …Without a trace, without a word, just after being attacked by a … rather rabid, sedative-deprived Emily! Simply put!? Its… the end of Ender?… (HOMG Emily has rabies!… -gets whacked-)

-Increasing Hayziness!: Aureus Hayes… breaks things off with Chi in a… rather… terrible manner. As it was, Aureus has scarcely gone to work, and quite honestly, seems to have faded into the background. A ‘hazy’ end?

-THE COLORS! THEY BLINDS US!: Miria, the colorful, crazy, and… CRAZY person… has entered the scene! Wow, she’s… she’s really something else. Things are getting INTERESTING!

-MARRIAGE!? WHAT!?: Here’s a shout out to LEON SUDEKI and EURYDICE STONE, as they’re about to get married! HOO-AH! THE FIRST MARRIAGE OF PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL #259 (forced, due to a lethal ailment on Sudeki’s part) HAS BEGUN!

-ITS TEH MASQUERADE: Oh, WOW! Looks like a Mask Contest just opened up, the mentioned ‘wedding proposal’ occured here, and things are heating up, or… cooling down. Keith is determined to sell some moonshine and everclear. UNDERAGE DRINKING!? …BAD STUDENTS! BAD!

-Awakening Of Calamity: Calamity Scorn, crestfallen over the amazing Katashi’s death, awakens in a hospital, after attempted suicide! ..As usual, the ever mysterious enigma, ‘Valekin Von Kaluskov’ strikes the scene, with M.A.P. not too far behind!

-The Rise Of ‘Merchants’: “Kaufman”, starting up to seal the deal with ‘Keith’ by obtaining the Reaper Pill Formula from 552 has been spotted as well, beating the stuffing out of students to the point of madness!? Madness!? THIS. GUY’S. I-RISH! (Lame Attempt At A 300 Joke)

-THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!: NYETT! NYETT! Just poor, little Professor Kaipo, the newest Russian Teacher to hit the scene with her two kids.

-Arena Frenzy: WOW! Its Valo versus Veyugen, Winklewood versus Calamity AND Zach, Keith versus Dylan in their long-awaited rematch, John Ong versus Travis, Keith versus Saint versus Winklewood, Unfettered versus Emily, and Keith versus Valekin AGAIN! PLACE YOUR BETS, FOLKS, THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE HELL OF A MONTH!

-CARAVAN CONSTERTENATION: ITS AN AMBUSH! OH TEH NOES!!! The apparent ‘conspirators’, “Alter Mann” and “Kaufman” have both been taken out, and captured by the strange newcomers, the FOREIGN FIGHTERS! Elite fighters from every country, they come armed with all sorts of various blunt objects, as they break through the glass windows! What’s more, the trains have been divided up, leaving Mr. Jason King alone with the strange, small, cute, yet evil MIMI! What’s more, the food and drink has been poisoned! Car 10 Passenger’s have lost the bonuses of their Qi and Items! And Car 9 is being watched in an erie manner, though they don’t know it just yet, all their fighting skill to be used against them! SO MUCH FOR THE TRIP TO SACREMENTO! ITS A FIGHT FOR THE LIVES OF A NEAR 30 RPER QUEST, INVOLVING 259ers AND 552ers! A RACE AGAINST TIME! THE BOMB’S ARE ABOUT TO BE SET! Things look grim for 259, folks!

We Would Like To Welcome With Open Arms, These Past 3 Week’s Worth Of Newcomers!: Return of the Takanawa sisters, Kenji Morei from 552, Jadis Alexica McCloud, the replacement of Zade: Thomas Cooper, Zero Echigo from 552, and MIRIA SAAAAAN~!!! Lets give these newcomers a big hand!

-Count To 1,000!: We’re already at 120! If we can do 100 every week, WE’LL REACH 1,000 IN TEN RPB TUESDAYS!

-Mouse Trap(ped)!: Mouse, A.K.A. M.A.P., A.K.A. Professor Nanda, A.K.A. Professor Kaipo has gone back to Oregon for a while, so she’ll be busy for a while! Let’s all wish her a safe trip, a good time, and a safe trip back!

-Sad Retirements: Aureus Hayes/Ender has retired both his characters. ‘Ender’ has been removed, leaving behind some RP plotholes, and Aureus Hayes has yet to fully disappear, though there is a chance of return, with that tid bit! Let us hope! And in the meantime, say bid this former RPer a good time in his retirement (since he’ll be spending most of his time with us anyways, regardless!).

-Busy, Everyday Lives: Zach/Kenji, Former Pillar Max, and Valo appear to be gone for a good time, but not retired. Oh well… at least, while they’re gone, we wish them good grades, and a good school year!

-RETURN OF THE ADMIN: Former Mr. Asiv, now known as Mr. Malice (character in the works), has returned! While we wait for all plans to come to fruitation, we hope that good things come through, with our good administrator’s return!

-Dream Lines: Ever have that… ‘that’ moment type of line that you just want your character to say? People have been discussing over this very thing! A few samples: Leon Sudeki: “Every drop of blood, every bitter tear, every bead of sweat. I! Live! For! This!”; Jenesis Exodus: “…sooooo…do babies come from a super market?”; +Seishou no Hana+/Emily: *to anyone she’d probably develop feelings for* “… uh… … nevermind…”; Justin: *murgurgle*; and Valekon Von Kaluskov XII: “Hye HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” —JUST TO NAME A FEW!

-259 Card Game: TWO-FIVE-NIIIIIIIIINE!!! Okay, doesn’t have the same ring as ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’, but, you got to admit, when your character is a playing card… that’s pretty cool.

-THE ARCHIVES!: The LEGENDARY SPAM THREADS and the past OOC Awards have all been moved to the top sub-boards of the OOC Board! LOOK AT THEM! BE AMAZED! RELIEVE THE MEMORIES!

This Week’s RPB Tuesday, Brought To You By
-+Seishou no Hana+/Kari Aoyama/Sacricia Emily Lourdes “Emi” E. Delos Santos (Emily)/Layla “Reira” Clavering
“Unfettered” Winters/”Alter Mann”/”Kaufman”/Mr. Winklewood

Hircine High
A Pillar has Fallen.

Tiao Lei Shen, after being taken into custody from the Watchers, had engaged Principal MacMillan in combat out of self-preservation. Despite his skills, Tiao was injured, and proved to be little more than a punching bag for the administrator. After receiving a broken arm from the Principal, Tiao was left in the room to receive the rest of his beating. The extent to which was gone is currently unknown, as Tiao’s body was mysteriously wheeled out of the school, leaving only his bloody cap behind.

Ein Gilsin, after punishing a student, was met with a team of Watchers. It turned out to be a trap for the Watchers, as more Genaht members made their presence known. A battle ensued, showing the resilience of Genaht despite overwhelming odds. Even with an impressive display from Ein, Genaht was eventually subdued, the event also bringing trouble for Kyukaku. Ein, Kyosuke and the rest of Genaht were taken to the torture room, whereas Kyukaku was led in the opposite direction. Before arriving, he fought back until being cornered, where an unlikely helping hand of Adam “Pain Killer” Rydell came into play.

Revelation has recruited another member by the name of Tray. Together, Tray and the Horseman of War Conner McGrath, they brutally took down a secluded Watcher. Among the beating his radio was stolen by the Horseman of Death Mae-Lim, and his weapon in possession by Conner. Will there be repercussions, or has someone finally gained an upperhand over the new security?

Mugen Hall
Abel Lawley is the first student to fall victim to the might of “Alter Mann” and his enforcers during the orientation. Upon recovering, Abel is plotting revenge and retribution against the enforcers.

At the same time, the Orientation is wrapping up as the staff and faculty have introduced themselves to the student body of Mugen Hall.

Tsubame Hirotaki from 552 has joined the staff of Mugen Hall as the new head nurse of the Medical Center. She certainly has her work cut out for her as more students end up in the medical wards 24/7.

“No-Name” has claimed the Mugen Hall Courtyard as his turf as it’s become the “official” battle grounds for constant fighting and bloodshed. As the fighters make up a minority, the enforcers have taken a bit longer to respond.

Xing has been spotted by Ms. Valentine at a nightclub in Downtown Philly trying to get some digits for his black book.

Students have now commonly grouped together to take out certain teachers with their numbers.

The lovely Miss De Sade is on the lookout for volunteers to help her with her “photography”.

Teacher Etrius Lazarus has made his debut as he assaulted a female student for being late. Several students from the different schools of the Mugen Hall collective have assembled together to take on Mr. Lazarus.

We’ve amended the rules on teachers gaining experience. Since teachers start out four times as possible, they only get one EXP for every 1-4 people they take on in a fight.

A betting system has been implemented for special fights. It’s been picking up with the fight between Jacob Seeker and Shikei Takanawa. More people have been betting money by the day to see who will win the match.

Instant message battling has been implemented.

Classes, Sports, and Clubs are starting beginning of next month in September.

Our skins have been modified making them look better and sleeker.

Players have started to take advantage of the IC blogs that Mugen Hall has to offer.

We have Member Created Teachers in place as Etrius Lazarus is the first of hopefully many that will be active on Mugen Hall.

The first major quest should be in play in a month.

In addition, we’re having sign-ups for the first Mugen Hall Champion tournament. New members might have the chance to join in time to sign up for the tournament.

RPBs Under Development
Ballaton Academy
Hallen High

Coming Soon: Vice Faction # 34

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Vice Faction # 34 will be hitting the site in just a matter of days.
For this episode, and this episode only (for now). Max and I had the privilege to contribute a few small scenes, art, effects, and some music as guest animators.

If there’s anyone out there who still hasn’t gotten into the series, please check out the official Vice Faction page for all the episodes.

5 minute reviews – August 2007

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Submit a September entry here!

Call it the 4-star-game-month…or people had been playing quality games lately.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215
How can you say no to film noir? The plot starts rather ordinarily and expands to satisfaction. Still, not the best game to play when your eyelids are heavy. Everyone’s got a smart mouth. Puzzles feel like casual throw-ins to test DS capabilities.

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
Think of the love child of Mad Max, Dune, and Independence Day told in live action with a cool cheesy factor. The graphics focused on bloom effects and cool explosions. The game does not do anything new. It just does everything else really good. It’s easy to pick up and the game play is quick.

This game has that whole Japanese horror movie feel to it, with amazingly creepy environments, and a gameplay that makes you feel weak and hopeless. Eerie. The controls can get clunky at times and the combat can be more frustrating than putting a string of thread through a needle since it gives you practically no information on what to do at times.
Legaia 2: Dual Saga
A hardcore RPG for hardcore RPG players. The game’s graphics and sound are first PS2 generation. The story is pretty much the 17 year old hero goes to save his town and ends up having to save the world. Yet the combat system is very cool: instead of selecting, you input combat commands with the d-pad that allows you to do special moves and long ass chain attacks.
Beyond Good and Evil
This under-the-radar game was one of the most amazing things ever conceived to man but not a lot of people played it. T.T The combat has so much variety: photo taking, stealth, mini games, “challenging yet not too hard to kill you” puzzles…etc. The only problem is that it’s WAY to short. I beat the game 100% in nine to ten hours. It’s like experiencing the most amazing day ever until you realized it’s also the shortest day.

Steel Battalion
A more realistic version of Mechwarrior 3 that brings simulation to realism. It comes along with its own unique controller but has a dexterous learning curve (1hr) to adjust to, considering the immense variety of buttons that it uses. Once into the game it draws the player in with the true feeling of in depth combat. Hard to progress due to the realistic capability that once you die you die; restarting the game is inevitable but extremely fun and challenging. The only thing that deters is its $100+ price tag but online play compensates until discontinued.

Beyond Divinity
The sequel is completely different from Divine Divinity. Bitty 3D graphics with unattractive textures that made the characters look out of place. You get LESS choices of skills. Very few weapons – you’d probably run through the last half without finding a better weapon. Far less monsters and smaller world with very few objects to interact with. Slow action makes this a slog from the beginning to the end.

Mario Strikers Charged
This game is brutal. You must use physical force against your opponents to get the ball. The usual Mario items make things interesting. Easy to pick up and play, but takes time and skill to get good. Beware of Waluigi on Wi-Fi, as most of his fans know how to slaughter you with him. Even non-soccer fans can have fun with this game, me being an example.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow
Each character has a wide selection of gundams and missions to choose from. Unlock more missions to figure out each character’s storyline. Simple controls can also become clumsy. Gundams and the cutscenes are always the good stuffs: each gundam has its own unique attack and specialty, which could be introduced during the cutscene of it. If you like Gundam or any other mecha game you’ll like this .

Brave Story: New Traveler
This game makes Tales of the World a bleach of shame. Not just for the awesome graphics and amazing bloom effects, its storyline is what makes it worthy of being titled as a “Story”. Character designs are unique, other than the lame outfit of the hero (specifically the image-ruining helmet).

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
At first glance I thought it was a kiddie game, but I was surprised. Although the plot is sort of bland, it is funny for instance the World War II newsreel at the start of the game. The mils (enemy grunts in the game) scream whenever shot which can never get too old. The AI is fairly intelligent so don’t worry about the game being to easy. The range of weapons are standard. There’s even a multiplayer. So have fun wreaking havoc among the Mil army.

Friday Status Report

Friday, August 24th, 2007

For those who don’t know, I had to take an unwelcome break from the site for the past month or so. A lot of projects have been on hold and I’m just getting to resuming production on them, among other things.
The Friday Status Report is back again for one last hurrah. From now on we’ll be posting news on upcomming projects as they develop. Starting from this weekend, you can expect to see some individual posts and screens of Vice Faction 34, and Surface.
We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on other projects, animations, and games, etc.. during the next few weeks.