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Vice Faction #8 – Dubbed edition

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007


Animation and story by Bishop Supreme

Voice Talents:
Flash Kid
Laura Fedora
Laura Post

Character guide


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5 minute review – October

Monday, October 29th, 2007

For November entry.

There was a concern that I’ve been butchering people’s submission into unreadable blabbering… A new format will hopefully allow more freedom to the reviewers now.

The Legend of Zelda:
Phantom Hourglass
Windwaker Link was my favorite, and he sails again into the ocean the adventurous thrill returns. The story is compact and the role of Zelda is minimized :( . Nonetheless Phantom Hourglass is a lengthy feast with short but fun dungeon designs that can get challenge from time to time. Sadly most side quests were linear and will only hold hardcore item collectors’ interest. The exploring aspect is as good as ever, and the graphics convinced me that DS can live a couple years longer. The stylus control worked smoother than expected (best boomerang ever), but still there were times I found my thumb pressing the d-pad wishing it would respond. You may also end up biting your hands as they sometimes intend to block your view at desperate moments.

If you don’t get this game I don’t know what you got your DS for.
Resident Evil Code:
Veronica X
What I realized about the series upon playing this game is that the old RE format is basically a click and point adventure game doped with heavy action. This formula of balanced action and puzzle solving have kept the series running until the arrival of RE4 where action clearly took over. Code Veronica X actually exposed some of those issues why the series needed a revamp. First of all the control hardens everything, particularly when at a default setting you have to rely mainly on dodging as there aren’t too many ammo and recovery items. The way puzzles were arranged along with limited inventory result in lots of running back and forth, trial and error. In this circumstance the challenging aspect of action suddenly becomes frustrating and stumbling. Of course once you figure things out after a bunch of death, the game is still very enjoyable.

Just to be fair, I should have played this 10 years ago.
World Heroes Gorgeous
Instead of moving forward, SNK still thinks it’s best to milk out of those old series collections (Fatal Fury along had 2). While this series does have some very likable characters, not a good sign when in the middle of the game I sort of wanted to swap the disc to Third Strike. I so wished they can at least combine the best parts of each title and release a refined version: the death mode and some of the moves actually worked better in WH1, while game flows the best in WH Perfect. Unless you are a huge fan of the series, or you happen to see a copy under 10 bucks, the ROMs are free.

Let’s see World Heroes 3 already!

Metriod Prime 3: Corruption
I’ve never been a console FPS kinda guy, but these Metroid Prime games, notably Corruption, for the Wii, raise the bar for FPS gaming on consoles very, very high. Controls make excellent use of the Wii-mote and nunchuck attachment to such a degree that one wonders how FPS’s were done with an analog joypad. Audio is creepy and atmospheric, rarely taking the forefront, but always present to add feeling to the oppressive corridors and eerily intelligent enemies. The graphics, while paling in comparison to other consoles, are nonetheless amazing for Nintendo. The levels are massive and stunningly beautiful, sometimes sending shivers down one’s spine at seeing looming monoliths or corpses of fleeing aliens, and each character in the intricate plot is lovingly detailed. The only real negative with the game is that it goes to such degrees to immerse the player into the game, yet switches to 3rd person POV when performing certain moves, disrupting the feel of the game sometimes at intense moments. Regardless, it is still an amazingly fun game to play, and possibly a real reason to buy a Wii (for both of you who don’t have one!)

Sonic Rush Adventure
Sonic and Tails are flying through a storm and after crashing into a hurricane, they suddenly find themselves stranded on an island where the new Racoon, Marine, takes residence. Early into the story they meet Captain Whisker, who looks like a robotic pirate cat version of Eggman, and Blaze. After learning they have been warped into Blaze’s world they seek out Whisker’s pirates. In this game, you must travel the seas to find new levels. It focuses a small bit on seafaring mini-games, involving vehicles such as a water bike and sail boat. This doesn’t feel very out-of-place, since mini-games have been integral to traditional side-scrolling Sonic games. (Chaos Emeralds, anyone?) The playable characters are Sonic and Blaze with hardly any modifications other than stabilizations, but the levels have taken an overhaul. A very good game for anyone who likes side-scrolling games.

PC, Xbox 360
You are a special, secret operative for a military assault team known as F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon). Your mission is to stop paranormal threats to national security. And wow, are those paranormal threats scary!!! This has to be a game that has surpassed the chilling creepiness of Doom 3 (What I thought was the scariest game ever). The little girl…that little girl! She is probably the scariest aspect of that game! She walks and things explode in her path, it’s pretty intense. On top of that there are the multiple occasions where you find yourself swimming in a hall flooded with blood. And this happens randomly, so it makes it freaking scary! But, you just can’t have a good horror game without a cool back story to support the horror. That brings me to F.E.A.R.’s back story. I won’t ruin it for those who have not played it, but let me tell you…amazing! On top of being an fairly challenging and action packed game, the slow-mo aspect makes it all the sweeter. And rag-doll physics on top of the slow-mo. The only thing I can really find wrong with the game is the fact that the joy-stick is extremely sensitive. If you tap it by accident while your shooting a guy, you’ll find yourself stepping a good couple of feet to the right/left. And that can get fairly annoying. But that aside, the game is an extremely frightening, and fun experience.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Create your hunter, choose/pick up a large weapon, and fight large monsters while looking like a badass. This game has come a LONG WAY and will have you playing for hours, days, MONTHS. If you have the skill and patience that is. The fighting, skill system, and overall design are incredibly unique and show that numbers aren’t everything. There are 11 different types weapons, 2 different classes. Blademaster and Gunner. All depending on what kind of player you are. These weapons, aside from the Sword/Shield and Dual Swords, are HUGE and look fantastic. And you get a feeling you’ve never felt before destroying everything in your path with them.
BUT it’s the gameplay that makes this a love/hate game. Some boss attacks are instant-kill set ups, not to mention some questionable hitboxes. And you’ll find yourself, at times, grinding for a rare items and making 1 mistake will have you taking a break for the rest of the day. Also because of its love/hate factor it’s hard to find a person to play with, which is recommended by the way. And if you aren’t good enough, you won’t reach the full potential of the game and find yourself stuck. Although there are is a way to play online. Long… complicating ways.
Due to difficulty for the casual gamer.

Halo 3
Xbox 360
The epic conclusion to Bungie’s FPS Trilogy, Halo 3 really lives up to the hype. The campaign improves upon the features of the first and second games, utilizing the superior graphics processor of the 360. The enemies are tougher, much tougher, and playing on Normal is even a challenge for most gamers. You’ll be playing the campaign for days, blasting away the brutes and hordes of grunts they command with an immense arsenal of weaponry and vehicles. The fun doesn’t stop with single player. We all know Halo is celebrated for its engaging multiplayer. Red and Blue teams clash across a new variety of multiplayer maps, piloting new vehicles like the Elephant, a massive moving fortress. Customize your Spartan’s armor, and then drop right into multiplayer and kick some ass.
You won’t want to miss this one.

Xbox 360
Thrown into the dystopian underwater city of Rapture, Bioshock is a hybrid of first player shooter and RPG in a survival horror type atmosphere. As Jack, the player must navigate several distorted areas with the radioed help of Atlas in order to find the truth through Ryan and Dr. Tennenbaum while avoiding mutated beings and mechanical drones that have since inhabited the 1960′s city. A neat feature of the game, plasmids and tonics, allow the player to obtain powers such as telekinesis, electro-bolt or one of 70 other powers. With fabulous graphics, an intelligent and engaging story line and some hauntingly beautiful scenes, Bioshock is a something new for lovers of first player shooters.

Chrono Cross
Following Chrono Trigger (prequel), Chrono Cross takes place twenty years after the adventures of Crono. The protagonist is a seventeen year old named Serge living a peaceful life in the town of Arni in Home world. What begins as a simple request from your friend Leena turns into a shocking twist, there is a parallel universe of the Home world: Another world. When Serge is almost literally flushed away into the parallel universe he finds the same continent, but everything else is different. This is only the start of the journey. As Serge finds out where he is, what happened, and what he is destined to do, he journeys through and across worlds, gathering friends to fight evil. Do not underestimate this game because it is older than the rest. With a very unique battle system, a technique system like Materia and Junctions in FFVII and FFVIII, you will not beat this game in one sitting. It even got 10.0 from Gamespot (which is rare). In this absorbing RPG with over 40 characters and over ten different endings, Chrono Cross is sure to keep you on your toes.

Bleach: The Blade of Fate
A great fighting game. Finally they have long enough life bars that you can’t just go “special” and the opponents dead. Lots of standard fighting game modes, great character selection, story mode is at least interesting when it isn’t accurate. Character skills are awesome, and almost all of the Captains are playable which is nice. A must have for any Bleach fan, and easily better than my previous favorite Bleach game, Heat of Soul 3.
And thank god a game with not-using-pen touch screen action.


Lifepoint1 LIVE!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Maybe its a bad idea, maybe its a good one (who knows?), but we’ll be broadcasting live during certain times this weekend (10/28 and 10/29)
What should you expect to see? Live progress on some of our projects. Some have been announced, some haven’t. Detailed comments, questions and suggestions can be left here (more…)

Ball Revamped II: Metaphysik

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

jmtb02 Studios‘s Ball Revamped II: Metaphysik has a very simple concept: with your arrow keys, move the ball to the destination against gravity, acceleration, and obstacles. Sounds easy, plays hard.
The ball reacts sensitively and realistically, which means you will have to blame your own clumsiness for failures most of the time. You can blame the rest of your frustration on the level designs, which can be so challenging that the sense of hopeless crawls in upon seeing the stage.
You will be laughing at your own mistakes, laughing at how ridiculous the stages are, laughing when you finally beat em. When a game makes you laugh this much, it must be great.

I had to call it quit at stage 39, how far can you go?

RPB Tuesday

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
THE XIN Role Playing Boards
Public High School #552

- The character sheet contest is over, and we would like to congratulate Selena for being the winner!

- A Qi system has been addressed, and is currently put on hold for the time being. More might be touched on that later.

- The steady raise of activity of our member base is growing at a good steady pace.

- Member of the month is going to be tested again where the member who showed to be very dedicated toward helping the board will be recognized for his efforts. Nominations are going up this week.


- The reformists of the school have decided to make their known color as green. At the moment they are declaring war against the school, and trying to take down those in charge. Unfortunately, this has split the entire school into four groups. You have the reformists, those trying to defend themselves and others, the teachers, and just those crazy kids who are taking advantage of the rampage to allow for their violent nature to flare like crazy.

- Wyatt, a new pillar is currently being debated about being the new school captain after Areon’s very short term. What will happen under situations like these, and will Wyatt accept this very difficult job? It has already been shown that he is amongst the defenders throughout the reform as was Areon. How will this change the school?

- Tiel is trying to organize a group to negotiate things out with the reformists before things go even further out of hand. How will that work out? Tiel is a fellow defender, and Wyatt, the potential school captain, is standing along side him.

- The Dragons who were once a powerful gang have been reformed by Mathew Amtrum. So far they consist of Mathew Amtrum (The Earth Dragon), Leon (The Lightning Dragon), Ark (The Fire/Thunder Dragon), Linda (The Bone Dragon), And the newest member is Faust (The Shadow Dragon). Who knows what will come from this event. Will the Dragons terrorize the city and school like those before them did? Only time will tell.

Public High School # 259

Hircine High
Trick or Treat?

Halloween has arrived to October, and a Halloween Party has arrived to Hircine High’s Suburbs! Once formerly known as the “Celebration of Good Health” now known as “Harvest Soiree,” this year’s Halloween party is bound to have people talking…or screaming. Only one way to find out. Head to the suburbs with your invite in tow!

Hircine High student Nathan Branigan plans to give the Watcher’s the justice they deserve. After careful observation and deliberate planning, Nathan launches his scheme. Crawling through the air ducts, he unleashes his homemade stinkbomb into the Watcher’s Break Room. All went according to plan…until he realized a miscalculation. Perhaps now the girls bathroom smells as bad as the men’s.

With a recent loss in the tournament, Victor is determined to become a more formidable opponent! He searches out the previous tournament champion Kyukaku, hoping to become enlightened through his training session. With an instructional spar, will Victor become stronger, or will the only thing he leaves with be a few bruises?

Veterans and both former tournament champions Adam “Pain Killer” Rydell and Legion Club Owner Taiku Akimoto meet on the beach, intent on settling their score. Will Taiku remain undefeated against his friend, or will Pain Killer finish what he started at the tournament? An epic battle of speed versus strength begins to enfold!

Mugen Hall

RPBs Under Development
Ballaton Academy

Hallen High

Xin Fan Manga 6 New Pages

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Manga by animeanonymous
Based on the Lifepoint1 animation series Xin

Saint Seiya Golden Saints Ranking: 1~6

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

List 7~12

Just to be fair, some of the guys got pushed down simply because there are cooler ones. Those listed below are just great.

#06. Cancer Deathmask
What he is:
Shameless guy that does all sort of ugly business and isn’t afraid to boast around.

Did I misplace this guy along with Saga? Deathmask is commonly on the list of the least liked. Hands down the cheapest, weakest, and truly evil saint who even got ditched by his own cloth. On top of it his SekiShiki MeiKai Ha literally makes no damage. I am just trying to be different, but being straightforwardly bad makes him unique enough among the Golden Saints, as most of the others needed excuses to fight with Seiya‘s band. And I do like his cloth design, especially the crab shaped helmet, it was ingenious.

Watershed moment:
Challenging Dokho and humiliating Shiryu with total domination at Rozan Peaks.

#05. Leo Aiolia
What he is:
Inheritor of a heroic stats who had to live under its framed shadow with heavy burden.

Surprisingly Kurumada didn’t make Aiolia directly a carry over of what Aiolos was supposed to be. Rather, Aiolia lived with a traitor’s label thanks to Aiolos’ mistaken legacy. The flavor of tragic hero worked great. Other than that Aiolia is everything his sign suggested: fearless fighter who only goes forward. His Lightening Plasma is tailer made and made well. His battles were always enjoyable…the only thing that bugs me is his maturity seemed to take a step back in Arc Hades.

Watershed moment:
Individually facing the invasion of numerous Spectres at ShiShiKyuu.

#04. Capricorn Shura
What he is:
Outdated absolute loyal guard.

Comparing to Aiolos, Shura is even more of a tragic hero whose tragic was caused by his own foolishness (ie: pure tragedy). Blinded by his own belief and Saga‘s plot, Shura’s highest self rated moral became his greatest sin. You hate to see unnecessary conflicts caused by those misunderstandings…which makes him very likable when the reality finally hit him at his last breath. His battle with Shiryu is one of the best in the series. Shura’s also got one of the best moves in Excalibur. It’s not just handchops, he can also kick the blade waves out!

Watershed moment:
Sacrificing his life for Shiryu’s and granting Shiryu the Excalibur after repenting for his own disloyalty.

#03. Scorpio Milo
What he is:
He’s one of the guys you don’t know how to describe in one line.

Similar to Aries Mu, among this group of strong characteristics, Milo is also a soft mind who just doesn’t stand out. Nonetheless, there are many other things to be liked about Milo. Milo was the very first Golden Saint officially introduced. In opposite to those generic fireball/energy blast attacks such as Saga’s Galaxian Explosion and Mu’s Starlight Extinction, Milo’s Scarlet Needle for one is interestingly designed and stays true with his horoscope. The wagging tail on his headpiece was a nice touch. His good friendship with Shaka and Camus also helped him to secure the number 3 spot (just imagine the three of them walking on the street). “Surrender or die?” Best quote.

Watershed moment:
Charging to ShouJoKyuu and swearing to avenge for Shaka with momentary domination.

#02. Virgo Shaka
What he is:
The closest man to the gods.

The man fights with his eyes closed. A) to demonstrate the over-advanced power he has. B) to score insult points on his opponents. C) to look cool. D) to suggest that something will happen when he opens his eyes. Kurumada was able to accomplish all of the above in Shaka, thus making him a character with the look, the style, the personality, the reputation, and the strength. In other words, a character very hard to hate. Shaka is the everything combo from powerful offense to solid defense, while he is also capable of random techniques such as creating illusion and teleportation. Shaka is definitely the ace of the sanctuary. A good thing that he doesn’t take the lead everywhere but only steps up when he has to. However there is still a small complain about his ultimate technique, Tenbu Hōrin – a defensive stand that damages the opponents slowly but efficiently, was simply CHEAP.

Watershed moment:
Single handedly defending 2 temples against the invading Spectres and wiped them out with one shot.

#01. Aquarius Camus
What he is:
Absolute zero.

Forget about Aphrodite’s trash talks, Camus is the best looking. The type of headpiece he wears (along with Deathmask and Milo) definitely works better than the traditional big old helmet (let’s face it, the owners of big old helmets such as Saga and Mu either never wear them or enjoy to have them knocked down early in a battle). On top of that Camus’s armor feels particularly light and smooth (note that part of his shoulders is exposed and the rounded edges of parts). And then the long green hair and floating snow flakes. Everything flows water-smoothly like his sign suggests; the most comforting design to look at.
I like Aurora Execution as the best move in the series: it has the best physical movement, the best name, and the best background visuals. Just for a stupid trivia: one of the translated version wrongly translated the name of this move as “Aurora Excusion“, which actually sounds way cool in Kanji.
Lastly his cause of death was unnecessary to a point it almost felt retarded. I guess Kurumada‘s moral of story is that man (especially hot-blooded one) is the dumbest animal, and that the fundamental procedure to the path of victory is to step over your comrade’s corpses. The fact is, like many other golden saints, Camus’s death was needed to allow the bronze kids to develop. ‘Sobs’.

Watershed moment:
His farewell speech to Hyoga revealing his true intentions.