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Tempest: Isis

Friday, February 29th, 2008


Original Design: Designed by Max , colored by Steven


New Design: Redesigned by Steven, colored by Max

Character Profile

Name: Isis
Origin: Egypt

Age: ??
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 100 lbs

Occupation: ??

Arena: Libra of Soul

Winning pose:
1. Cheer like a little girl
2. Return to her coffin

Likes: Formalin
Hates: Parathion

Purpose: In need of a breather from the tomb

Special moves:
Snake Staff
Repeatedly tapping punch

Mummy Bondage
↓↙←→ + Punch

Coffin Canon
↓↙→← + Kick

Pharaoh’s Commandment
↙↓↘↑ + Kick

Killer moves:

Sand Storm Scroll
←↘←→ + Heavy punch

Blessing’s Curse
→↘↓↙←→↘↓↙← + Heavy punch + Heavy Kick

This is the first of 4 characters that have been drawn by one artist and colored by another.
No fighting game would be complete without a scantily clad, ass-kicking vixen, and in “Tempest” that character is Isis; a demo-god / mummy that has been able to keep herself in quite good shape over the centuries buried away in her tomb. Definitely a more risqué design compared to the others, but in my opinion, a very necessary addition to the cast.
- Steven

Next in Line: Nostra Solovyov

5 minutes review February

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

For March

Dawn of Sorrow
Thanks to the distance between save points and boss rooms, this game is definitely much harder than Portrait of Ruins. Crazy bosses. Outstanding atmosphere with enough decorative side puzzles adding to the mystery of the castle. Great music. Collecting souls can be strangely addictive before it mentally tires you out. Hammer’s store seems to be a bit shallow in content thanks to Yoko’s weapon synch… No whip for Soma? :(
Makes you appreciate PoR slightly less seeing all these recycled sprites.
Mario Kart DS
Doesn’t seem much in change on the game’s formula throughout the years; not even a whole lot of new items. Unexpected fortune or misfortune plays as big factor from time to time, which is good for the intensity. Hard to say no to 32 courses and 12 characters plus 84 vehicles; just enough variety for everybody. Great online experience and there’s even tag team option for those who can’t afford to lose to your friends (too bad team numbers doesn’t exceed 2). Unfortunately people still go disconnected as soon as they get owned, yay.
Makes you appreciate PoR slightly less seeing all these recycled sprites.
Cooking Mama 2:
Dinner With Friends
Whoever played the first could be disappointed as there really aren’t many improvements. The number of receipts certainly got bigger and so did the mini games, but that’s merely just an extension of what was there. The new interface is bright and colorful with lots of things sparkling… almost hurting my eyes. The menu font is particularly bad. Unlockables are pretty boring, and the new modes aren’t that exciting. Multiplayer is especially pathetic. Having that said if you play a couple rounds each time you start this game it’s quite enjoyable and comforting in the long run.
Yes Mama’s accent is great.
Mega Man X:
Command Mission
What happened to X series’ creature themed bosses? It’s no secret that Mega Man’s plot has been sorry, and this game proves that it’s useless to force one. Almost embarrassing voice acting. Cheesy corny conversation/cutscenes. Nice clean character models but very poor character animations. The ending animation however has a nice blend of 3D and traditional elements. No character development. Deployment and hyper/trigger systems are fun. What’s the point for having to beat the game once to get the ultimate weapons?
Being a fan is your only excuse, but it’s not entirely horrible.
Trace Memory
Can be beaten in 2 3 sittings with no sweat. Linear. Some weird puzzle physics. Touch screen sometimes reacts too sensitive. Nice charm of adapting DS model as an actual in game item. Great atmosphere and mystery browsing. Very nice graphic style. Unfortunately the game rarely requires to revisit scenes twice so good visuals were kind of laid in vain. The way things are constructed at the end you’d kind of wish there were multiple endings.
Cries to be longer.

Deadly Dozen:
Pacific Theater
This is the second installment of the Deadly Dozen games. The first one I have not been able to locate. It is an FPS where you select 4 out of 12 highly trained soldiers to accomplish various missions ranging from rescues, demolitions, scouting and assassinations.

The game is based during World War 2 against the Japanese so most of the time the missions are based in really dense jungles. The maps are large and wide and wrought with danger, so caution is advised.

What I like about the game is that you can’t just charge into battle. Although you have a health bar, one bullet in the right place (in your case, wrong place) you’re dead instantly. The enemies are decent, meaning they can prove a challenge. You have your typical rifle, machine gun, pistol or sword wielding soldiers; You have your snipers which are a b**** to spot; and you also have your cannon on wheels which knows how to dish out two types of destruction – slow and painful; quick and painful

The only drawbacks I found where the fact that sometimes traversing the map can take time and so careless mistakes can be made when you get fed up. And also if I happened to quicksave with an enemy in the vicinity, for some reason when I loaded he knew I was around. ?!

Second Sight
You wake up as a amnesic prisoner with psychic powers. You slowly find out the history of your character and his true abilities.

Story wise the game has a very interesting story and it takes a really interesting twist that I really did not expect. The voice acting is strong and is not annoying.

Graphic wise nothing special the people still look kinda stiff especially during the cutscenes.

Controls are kind of terrible. The game kind of makes me feel like it hates me for taking the action route instead of the stealth route. The lock on can tend to aim at all the wrong objects.

Gameplay is a mix of stealth and action doesn’t play as well as a game like Jedi Knight 2(he has the Force!) or as good as Splinter Cell(Then again what is?)

I felt like their were moments were I was screaming hell yeah! So I enjoyed it a bit though their were some frustrating things namely controls. One thing that takes me out of the gameplay my character has the ability to snipe while running and is a killing machine, who in the cut scenes said he was nervous.

Overall the story was a bit better and the game has it moments rent it, it’s good not great.
The Last Blade
I just played this on game tap, kind of like the Soul Calibur games only 2D. And it works.

Story, forget about it. 1vs 1 fighters mostly generic characters(Old man, cute little girl, main hero, Chinese guy that looks like a movie character(This time we have Jet Li from Once Upon a Time in China which is cool.)

Looks, the game looks amazing for a pixel fighter. The colors, the backgrounds, the animation the game is very pleasant to look at.

Controls, works it’s a game that focus where you can repel and do a combo chain.

I like this game more than the Samurai Showdown games. Which I loved mind you. Probably one of the best 2D fighter I have ever played.

Excellent fighter and a pleasant looking one at that!

No More Heroes
Suda 51, because of this game, I now worship you. No more heroes is a crazy hack and slasher with a hell of a lot of style. Pretty much you play as Travis Touchdown, an otaku who buys a beam katana/light saber off ebay and one day gets highered to kill the 11th ranked assassin. You obviously win and now rise up the ranks to become the #1 assassin. Pretty much the game works in a basic cycle of 1. Doing odd jobs, the 2. Doing assassination 3. get enough money to pay for your next ranked match or spend money training buying new clothes, buying new and upgrading the beam katana, or renting videos. 4.Drive to the match 5. Go through a level with weird enemies 6. Fight a f’ed up psycho boss that are quite fun to fight 7. rinse and repeat. The combat as a lot of style and never gets old, it’s like the kill bill scene where uma therman hack and slashes everyone in the japan inside the club before killing lucy liu, but on steroids. Finishing off your foe boy doing a finishing strike with your wii-mote or pulling of a suplex on you foe a-la wrestling is always so much fun. Even the crazy slot machine that comes out which activates your darkside/special move with crazy names like Strawberry on the Shortcake, Blueberry Cheese Brownie, Cranberry Chocolate Sundae , cherry, and anarchy in the Galaxy. The may sound sweet which they are to the player, but oh so deadly to your foes. From slow motion, to instant kills, to shooting giant laser balls, from moving really fast, to a giant ass nuclear sized explosion, it an unexpected surprise which adds nice twist to the killing spree.Also you get to do this in style my buying new clothes for Travis, or finding new shirts in dumpsters. The odd jobs or even quite fun since you get to use the wii-mote in weird ways. Also riding his bad ass motor cycle around santa destroy is quite fun. But don’t think this game is like GTA since there is an open city to ride through. the city is more like a hub area. I have to say NMH whit it’s cell shaded graphics, wacky humor, crazy story, and overall bad assness is great. Although it is short and sweet and can be beaten in 8 to 10 hours, or 11-16 if you take your time and try not to rush through it. Still you will be hooked from the awesome intro to the hilarious ending. I have to say NMH is one of the best game out for the wii. I truly enjoyed this crazy game.
with a blood cherry on top

Resident Evil:
The Umbrella Chronicles
Although not my type of shooter, this is a good game. There are a variety of weapons ranging from rocket launcher to knife. You’ll be able to play as 6-7 characters such as Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers. Of course, there are also many things to shoot, such as your standard zombie, zombie dogs, lickers, and there are also many objects to shoot. There are a TON of random unlockable items like character profiles and documents that various characters in the game have sent or read. You can achieve these shooting random things such at lamps, lights, etc. The controls are very easy and it makes a decent use of the Wiimote. The only slightly shaky thing is that you must shake the wiimote to reload, which presents a problem in some situations. This game is both one and two player, for example in one player you can play as Jill or Chris, but one of you can play Jill and the other can play Chris in 2 player mode. The game does a good job of setting the dark and grimy mood that the series is known for. Plenty of choices, in my opinion a game worth getting for people in love with shooting zombies. I’m not much of a zombie shooter so i felt it got a little dull after awhile, but diehard zombie shooters, don’t worry. Great game.
with a blood cherry on top

RPB Tuesday

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
THE XIN Role Playing Boards
Public High School #552

Public High School # 259

Hircine High
The Fighters League has begun its third round, with some old rivals facing off against one another this time around, and now the fights are being held in an enclosed cage, just watch to see what kind of carnage will occur in these privately sanctioned fights…

He is human!! MacMillan, after the cool exterior has been broken down by the former pillars, has found himself in a position where even the unrivalled figurehead of Hircine stands to lose! With Seth Calloway making an appearance however, just what are his intentions in this conflict, and whose side does he stand on?

Move Over Eros! Valentines Day has seen its prizes raffled off successfully, and with the ‘unfortunate’ drawing for current tournament champion Odin Reeves perhaps the only hiccup in the event, the dates seem to be set to go without a hitch as the pairs meet each other on the stage.

After recent events during MacMillans fight with the pillars, namely the riot in the auditorium, Ein Gilsin has announced his retirement as Genahts leader, opting to disband the group with his departure. However, it would seem a few do not share the same sentiment as Vince sets about causing unrest among the remaining tendrils of the enigmatic group. His potential coup has the unlikely position to affect the natural order in Hircine, but it remains to be seen exactly what his attentions might be.

The graduation of the senior class, long since overdue as a result of IC and OOC reasons (to which the admin shoulders responsibility due to unforseen connection issues), is imminent. Senior characters are permitted in Hircines halls only for a brief time longer, after which the characters must decide what will become of themselves in the future.

More might be added soon.

Mugen Hall

Hallen High

RPBs Under Development
Ballaton Academy

Update: Life.1 Forum Manga

Monday, February 25th, 2008
10 new pages! Chapter 2

Art and story by unicomics


Max vs Dave (loem) Character Design Discussion ROUND 1 Shiva

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

In this new series of topics, me and max will be discussing character designs from beat’em up and fighters.

Shiva headshot
Shiva sprite

First up is Shiva, hailing from the Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle series on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. In the game he is the bodyguard of Mr. X, the head of the syndicate, and functions as the 2nd to the last boss.

Is his design any good?

Read the conversation:

Tempest: Kent

Friday, February 22nd, 2008


Original Design: Designed by Max, colored by Steven

New Design: Redesigned and colored by Steven


Character Profile
Name: Kent McDermott
Origin: Australia

Age: 26
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 165 lbs

Occupation: Magician

Arena: Top of Sydney Opera House

Winning pose:
1. Change his dress to Hawaiian outfit in a snap
2. Accidentally attacked by his lion

Likes: Augur, audience’s tips
Hates: Smell of smokes

Purpose: As part of his discipline

Special moves:

Ring of Fire
↓↙← + Punch

Wand Extension
→→→ + Punch

Card Formation
→↘↓↙← + Punch

↓↓↓ + Kick

The Awesome Magic Hat
↑↗→↘ + Punch

Hand Glove Balloon
↑↖←↙↓ + Punch

Killer moves:
Lion Out of Cage
↓↙←→↙← + Heavy kick

Pigeon Stardust
→↙→→ + Heavy punch

Knifes in the Box
→←→←→↘↙←→ + Light punch + Heavy punch

Comments: Out of all my redesigns, I think Kent is the one that changed the most. He’s gone from a rather clumsy looking endearing young magician to a rigid, uptight, neurotic, and strangely awkward old chap. Is it for the better? I can’t say, but these redesigns are meant to more like reinterpretations, rather than refinements. Then again most of my redesigns look older than their original counterparts.. hmm.. perhaps I’m going through a phase. :P - Steven

Next in Line: Isis

RPB Tuesday

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
THE XIN Role Playing Boards
Public High School #552

Public High School # 259

Hircine High

Mugen Hall

Hallen High

RPBs Under Development
Ballaton Academy