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You just have to push hard enough

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Rush hour at subway.

The moral behind this story is, if you eve find yourself in an “I just can’t do it” kind of situation,





and you can accomplish anything.

Elemental High p. 85 ~ 94

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

The epic saga from AnimeAnonymous and Red Ace continues!
Now with larger pages!

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We will slowly get around to replacing all the previous pages with larger copies as well.

Art Challenge – Character Exchange

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Host: MJ


Submitting your Character

*Must be clean. No dirty pictures. This is a family site after all (rolls eyes Razz)
*You can submit more than one character but the character has to be associated with you (rp character, icon, something you use often to represent yourself)
*If you submit a character you have to pick a character. No submitting and not picking. Thats not fair to those that do, do the work.
*Please include a reference picture and any bio info that you may want to include.

Picking another Character

*Can not choose your own character
*Has to still resemble the character you have chosen eye color, skin color etc.
*Has to have some sort of Quirk (a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism)
*No pervy stuff -points finger-
*If you need any more information about the character please post it in this thread or feel free to pester the owner with a PM.


Kazahana digital comic seeks models

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

If you have been interested in being part of our creative productions, here’s an open window.

We are seeking models for a Kazahana digital comic piece, Innit 2.

For this project we plan to compose pages in comic style of layout with real photos for the characters and backgrounds with a certain degree of digital modification.

Sort of like this.

(This is just a general example.)

For this particular project, we are casting for the following characters:

Inakagi Yuujiro (main lead)

Ayano Shimo

Fukkatsu Kazahana

Samir Hakim

What we look for are somewhat close matches to save our workload on having to do heavy modifications. So if you know somebody who may fit any of the roles above, or you may be that person, please post your audition pics here. Of course high quality pictures are much preferred. Thanks!

5 minute review April

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

For May entry

Mario & Luigi :
Partners in Time
I was shocked by how simple this game is and how much one button can do. Entertainment can actually be spelled by a game of timing and button mashing. Yet with the varieties of moves the gameplay is very involving with some strategy and fun puzzle solving. The game cracks you up by its graphic and vocal cuteness…until the cutscenes start annoying you. Good length. Nice item adaption of Mario elements. Boss fights can get intense. Great music.

Itadaki Street DS
Simple rules that can get deep. Pretty much Monopoly with stock option, which along can get addictive because of the challenge of your business mindset and luck. Both are crazily big elements. Unlike other Monopoly adaptation (namely Mario Party) this series offers no other factors other than land/stock dealings and fortunes. No items, no map hazards. Characters are merely different skins you get to play against (not as!). That’s a lot of dead potentials with both Mario and DQ license right there. Music is great however. It’s much easier to execute the save/load cheat with the DS, and you definitely need it.
Touch Detective 2 1/2
Conventional point and click adventure with cute and wild characters. Presentation is fun. Nice blend between 3D characters and 2D backgrounds. Keeping the majority of cases at the same town helps establishing the characters, but also kills the creativity of scenes (such as the locomotive case). There could be frustrating stuck moments but ultimately it’s a matter of trying everything on everything and talking to everyone with every option. Bonus missions are addictive until you get tired of repetitively clicking at people for new objectives. The ending is pure wishy washy.

Killer 7
I just don’t get tired watching Con Smith reload. I felt I was watching a Japanese budget artsy film. Pretty much an installation in a contemporary art exhibition. Had to play stage 1 twice just to scratch the surface of what’s going on with both the plot and the gameplay. Creepy atmosphere thanks to stylish graphics and sounds. Some awesome music and scenarios. Not all that difficult when you get the confusing controls down. Characters feel somewhat unbalanced. May as well set off the limit for serum (exp in this game) so people would bother to level up useless characters. Great directing. A series of plot shockers near the end. Dang.
The loading time is a killer itself.
Mega Man ZX
Graphics feel a bit GBA ish. This game is hard as hell. Having to go through the stages again and again just so you get a “chance” to study bosses’ patterns is not very rewarding. Intense boss fights can be satisfying once you manage to squeeze out a win. The new weak point system is much needed for the franchise to survive. The sidequests are perhaps one of the most tedious back and forth repetition I’ve experienced. Not the best way to extend the gameplay hours.

Lost in Blue
This is one of the first few games I tried out on the DS that actually got me HOOKED like MAD.

You start out as Keith, whose ship went ala Titanic at sea and got stuck at an Island. Great news: Not only do you have to figure out how to survive on your own, but you also have to take care of a near-sighted girl named Skye!

The point of the game? Simple. Live long enough to figure out how to get out of the darned island! One of you dies, it’s game over!

The gameplay is awesome. You’ll be viewing the game from the touchscreen as the upper screen is dedicated to the maps and the status for both the characters. You’ll be foraging food and materials to make furniture and tools to … well… GET MORE FOOD! In fact, there are also stuffs that you really CAN’T EAT! You’ll have to figure out what they are though, and keep in mind to avoid it whenever possible. Cold? No problem! Bash L and R like crazy then blow into the microphone to make fire! It’s not as easy as you think!

This game can get a little frustrating at first, seeing as you basically start with very minimal hunger, strength and thirst. As you go on into the game you’ll be able to find things that you can eat your fill to. (Forget hunting. Fish all the way!)

How to get off the island? Well… go play it for yourself and find out! This game has 4 endings… how you play the game WILL say what Keith and Skye will end up to be.

Alter Ego

But Old, doesn’t necessarily equal to bad.

Alter Ego is a life simulation “game” that takes you from birth to old age in a matter of hours. It’s a simple cause and effect sort of game… that’s epic in all forms of win. Considering how simple gameplay is and the monochrome graphics, it’s surprising how addicting this game could be.

And this game IS very realistic… it also tackles… sexual… themes, but it warns you before hand; it should be OK otherwise. Very Happy If you’re worried about playing a game that could be just for males- don’t worry! There’s a Female version of it!

… and yes. This is a text-based game.

With a TON of endings that could be of… like… ranging from childhood accidents to old age, this game isn’t something you’ll put down easily.

It’s a must play for all the guys and gals out there interested in old games. Though I have no idea if this game can still be bought or found in the internet… it’s something worth finding!

Shinobido Imashime
For a very long time I have had a strong fascination towards Ninja stealth games, to the point where I have even collected all of the Tenchu games. Then to my surprise I discover there are more…

Shinobido has a bit of an echo to Tenchu, where by you can complete your tasks by silently dispatching unwary enemies. However rather than working for 1 lord and accomplishing your missions level by level, you can choose your allies and even the mission you play next, as your wonderful lords that continuously seek your expertise have a variety of “chores” for you to do (delivery; eliminations; assassinations; thievery; rescue and others) Each mission is ranked with varying difficulty. Also, upon completion of a mission, it could have a significant effect on a lord, eg. assassinating a lord’s samurai general means that for the remainder of the game he will not have somebody to organize his troops; deliver weapon plans to another lord and that lord will have better weapons for you to deal with should you later cross them.

Also the game is somewhat different in the respect that you need to purchase all of your equipment. Also should you fail a mission you are at risk of losing some items.

One feature which I really liked, is that if you are patient and witty enough you can use your stealth killing abilities even on boss characters! No more painstaking duels! har har!

For me, a few drawbacks that I find, are these. Some levels can be excruciatingly hard, and if you are trying to aim for the grandmaster rating you are in for a tough time (though admittedly it is worth it). Also I haven’t found a way to open doors without having to slice them up, thus alerting anyone in the vicinity… :(

Tenchu’s beloved twin!
Silent Scope 1, 2 & 3

Probably a lot of people know this game from the arcades. Well in the PS2 version, the game returns minus the cool sniper gun controller (though who knows, you could probably get that too) The game is a Time Crisis style shooter, where you must finish the game under the allotted time.

The game is basically chasing after a terrorist organization where you are the only means of stopping them. Joy for us!! Your weapon of choice: a sniper rifle. You get to zoom in on your targets and hit them where it hurts , getting bonus points and time if its the head or a dual kill.

It can be a little frustrating at times to spot the enemies, but at least the game does point them out to you after a few moments. Boss can be a real piece of hardwork, not just cause they are hard to hit. To get the quickest way to finish the job is to hit them in the head and that is something that can be EXTREMELY tricky.

However, there is one and ONLY one thing that I find truly annoying, and that is the HORRIBLE voice acting. Not only is it emotionless but the lines are incredibly tacky! It makes you want to put the end of the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger!!

Second most annoying nuisance is the bosses. Not the difficulty level but just them being them. You can get some real weird ones, even to the point where you think, “What the hell?!”

God the voices!! THE VOICES!!!
Sega Bass Fishing Duel
Okay, okay, I know what some of you may be thinking “A Fishing Game?!” but seriously, it is really addictive!!

This is the game to play if you really like to fish but are just too dang crap at it in real life (or if the missus hates having you go on those far away from home fishing trips) In the game you get to chose a fishing spot and the lure which you will be using. Then you simply fish!

Each lake you fish in can have different marine life beneath the waters, so knowing which location has what makes it easy during tournament games or challenges. Playing the tournaments and challenges unlocks new lures and characters respectively, making it interesting to try them.

But the biggest interest? Catching the elusive SUPER bass! There is usually one in every fishing spot. Sometimes 2. The game warns you that one is nearby when you cast your lure near to it. Then it is all up to patience and skill to nab the son-of-a-gun!

What?! I like fishing games!!!

Tempest: Jet

Friday, April 25th, 2008


Original Design: Designed by Max, colored by Steven

New Design: Redesigned and colored by Steven

Character Profile

Name: Jet
Origin: ?

Age: 25
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 180 lbs

Occupation: Time traveler

Arena: African Totem

Winning pose:
1. Drive away in a jet vehicle
2. Take pictures like crazy

Likes: History class
Hates: School professors

Purpose: Part of his tour

Special moves:
Elasticity Ball A
↓↑ + Punch

Elasticity Ball B
↓↑ + Kick

Jet Dive
→↓→ + Punch

Jet Dive (in air)
↑↙↓↘ + Punch

Sonic Beats
Tapping kick repeatedly

Killer moves:
Instantaneous Teleportation
↓↓→→ + Heavy punch

Anti-gravity Acceleration
↓↘→↓↘→ + Light punch + Heavy punch

Lightening Elasticity Ball Shotgun
←↙↓↘→↘↓↙← + Heavy punch tapping repeatedly

Jet is supposedly a tourist from the future, though I guess his costume design doesn’t really give off that impression. But who knows? Maybe in the future, form fitting body suits are what they’ll consider as casual wear. All in all, Jet’s design ended up slightly reminiscent of a certain videogame icon, of another one syllable name.
- Steven

Next in Line: Penelope Bonetti

Life.1 Forum Manga

Monday, April 21st, 2008
6 new pages!

Art and story by unicomics