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5 minute reviews – August

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

For September entry

Final Fantasy 3
Strange feeling for a remake, it seems merely just a visual upgrade. The old-school plotline doesn’t really work out that well. At times events seemed to be fast forwarded, which results in a lack of direction. No character development whatsoever. I understand how the gameplay was about exploring as far as you can just in hope to hit the next village/dungeon, but that’s obviously a problem by today’s standard. As a remake, I am surprised Square Enix decided to keep most of the original gameplay, including the flaws. Jobs are interesting, but the very specific weapon system almost forces you to constantly go back and forth between jobs. Old school save system will drive you insane in the last dungeon. Quite a lengthy game, but quite uninspired.
Some of the least emotional NPC deaths.
Lego Star Wars 2:
The Original Trilogy
Simple, straightforward gameplay with enough of varieties. The type of game that’s super easy to get into but requires some efforts for 100% unlocking. Scenarios have decent length, and it’s hard to complain about the 36 stages with some bonus levels. Great co-op elements despite the fact that the screen framing is still an anooying problem (as in most share screen multiplayer games). Big cast of characters to choose from. High replay value. Cut scenes are rather forgettable. There are some cute humors but they are more charming than funny.
I didn’t think I’d even play this game
Fatal Frame 3:
The Tormented
Interesting concept of taking ghost pictures, but I am not so sure about expelling them with the same camera. Having ghosts dying to such an ordinary object kind of diminishes their threatening presence. Amazingly linear: perform the objective or go nowhere. Keep wandering in the same mansion can get old, let alone bunch of back tracks. This game would be benefited if the player has the freedom to explore different locations and capture ghosts by will. Nice texture and presentation. Super slow pace. Documentation heavy story-telling isn’t really the best way to unfold a plot. Story picks up in the later half as more cutscenes were shown (duh). A certain boss (aka rope priestess) can be pretty cheap. Unlockables are pretty tiring.
Classical JP horror format
Super Princess Peach
Interesting how Nintendo is able to tweak some gameplay and make a new game out of a Mario character. Princess’s vibes are cute; puzzle solving/exploring is fun. Toad’s voice over is also pretty cute… Vibrant and colorful, this game is full of good energy. Some unlockables are rather forgettable: music and jigsaws, even though there are some decent music pieces. Not a whole lot of challenge, other than the very last boss. Shocking amount of extra stages and great replay value. Hard to put down.
What’s up with the lips?
Ninja Gaiden:
Dragon Sword
Cliched story and ninja stuffs. This game defines stylus-mashing. Well thanks to Itagaki for not making this game ridiculously hard like other Ninja Gaiden titles, this game can become sort of a stress relief. I started feeling dumb for trying to come up with specific combos, since the recognition is kind of random due to the environment perspective. Random mashing is almost as accurate as planned attacks. Some great music as well as some generic ones. No breakable item boxes? Boss fights are easier than stage brawls. Wow, did I just say that?

Mario Kart
Mario kart wii, I have to say it’s not as good as the one for the N64 (since nothing will ever be as good as the one for the N64) but it’s damn close to it. This is a great addition to any wii, and is a fun time passer. It’s very similar to the DS version with a lot of the same features (time trial, battle mode,online/offline multilayer) but with new levels, new characters, and new karts. The game at it’s core is a very fun, item flinging, racer with wacky courses, and a lot of replayability. Online is very well done, and it’s nice to play with other people proving who’s best. But I found some problems with the items since they can be good, but too good. For example the blue shell which homes in on the guy in first place can be really useful, but can cause the guy and first place to end up 5th or 6th due to the long recovery times. Some tracks are way too frustrating (Rainbow road for ex.) and can be close to impossible to beat with out excruciating amounts of practice. There is still rubberbaning (going from 1st to last, to 1st and the opposite is also true) but it can occur quite a few times due to the unbalanced items. Also they could of added more old tracks from the previous games since osme of the ones they chose are pretty forgettable (bowers castle 2 form the Gba O.o) Still with a lot of characters, fun old and new tracks, a lot of memorable music, and a generally fun game online and offline, Mario Kart Wii is not perfect, but it comes close to the original.

Max vs Loempiavreter Character Design Discussion ROUND 2: Karnov

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Karnov front

Today we are going to discuss the obese, long mustached, red pants wearing Jinborov Karnovski aka Karnov from the Far East of the former Soviet Union. He’s from Fighter’s History Dynamite/Karnov’s Revenge but has actually appeared in a lot more games (Some of them predating Karnov’s Revenge, but we mainly focus on Fighter characters).

Karnov cosplay
Screen from the Karnov fanmovie Karnov the Movie (seriously)

Why does he keep returning in Data East videogames?


Remember July’s Art Contest?

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

We said a while back that we’d be doing something special with July’s art contest entries.
While it took waaay longer than expected,
Here it is!

I’m not sure if we’ll ‘continue to do this, but I guess we’ll base it on the reception.


KFMB: Merciless – Preview

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Kazahana Family Mass Battle: Merciless is a project that was announced way back. While we have been using breaks in between major projects to casually work on this, its production was never truly focused as a priority. Nevertheless, after crawling with it after a period of time we may finally see the end of the tunnel. There’s still a good amount of work ahead, but with some luck we should be able to release this project sometime soon.

Let the wait continue, but let there be some screenshots.

Audio Game Review – Goemon’s Great Adventure

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

A quick note from hellsniper1471

“This is my first audio review, sorry if I am a little bland, this is mostly a test and just to see if this works Razz A few things I would like to clear up is that it’s Goemon’s Great Adventure , not just Ganbare Goemon, I’m just used to calling it that when in reality it’s the name of the series Razz , so Yea other then that every time I say Ganbare Goemon it’s actually Goemon’s Great Adventure. So yea….other then that hope you like it, Feedback much appreciated!”

*contains profanity

Part 1. Introduction and premise
Part 2. Story, style, game play, and characters
Part 3. Characters (continued), gameplay problems, graphics, and sound

Vote for your favorite August Artwork

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

August’s theme was:
Create a scene of a hero or a villain (male, or female, or robotic or…. other) displaying an act of complete and utter ownage.
The scene must take place in, or make some reference to a wild west type of vibe.
One thing that must be in the pic this time (last time it was a beach ball) is a title, caption, or a tagline.

August Entries
Click on the pics to enlarge.
Cast your vote below.
Voting will end on the 28th of this month.
1. Boxer01
2. Pandachu
3. Loempiavreter
goodbadtheugly.jpg thegoodthebadtheuglycolor.jpg
4. MidnightRaven
5. Shade-of-black
6. Spyden
7. Hunterx57
8. Steve
9. Bishop_Supreme
10. Hellsniper1471

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Figurine Talk: Tamaki’s Little Treasure

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

This guy features some pretty awesome montage of real sceneries and photos of figurines. Some superb compositions, and the digital technique is just exceptional.

*picture ripped from his site