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Nothing on Jupiter – page 6

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

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It’s Piccolo! NOT Nosferatu!!

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Wow! talk about butchuring a character design.
What is up with the makeup job on Piccolo for the upcoming Dragonball movie?
How do you end up with this?
Unless somewhere in your subconscious was this..

Raccoon City 10 Year Anniversary Zombie Block Party

Sunday, September 28th, 2008


It all began as an ordinary day in September. An ordinary day in Raccoon City. A city controlled by Umbrella. Noone dared to oppose them, and that lack of strength would ultimately lead to their destruction. I suppose they had to suffer the consequences of their actions, but their would be no forgiveness. If only they had had the courage to fight!

It’s true that once the wheels of justice begin to turn nothing can stop them, nothing. It was Raccoon City’s last chance, and my last chance. My last escape.

A once in a lifetime event has come upon us like the drooling fangs of a starving, unhinged Doberman. Yes, it’s time to lace up your zombie stomping boots and slog through the undead hordes once more for old times sake. It has been 10 long years since the destruction of Raccoon City. Ten years since the T-Virus outbreak, since Hunk escaped with the G-Virus, since Leon met Ada, Claire met Sherry, Jill met Carlos, and Brad met Nemesis. Shocked Resident Evil is back baby, so reload your gun, restock your herbs, and make sure you’ve got that crest, ’cause we’re returning to Raccoon City!


5 minutes review – September

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

For October entry

MLB Power Pros 2008
12 modes off the menu page? This series is as addictive as ever. Success and MLB Life modes allow you to develop your own player from minor league to major league. I like the aspect how the gameplay is shrank into your specific position on the team. It keeps things easier to follow. The life simming aspect serves enough of decoration, although too much hang on repetitive effort. There just hasn’t been a lot of changes in the gameplay, and pitching stands nowhere as fun as batting. The crowd graphics aren’t as good as before. Easy to get on, hard to put down.
It drains hours.
Idol Janshi Suchie Pai 3 Remix
Mildly provoking winning slides. The story mode heavily relies on magic usage. If you can survive initially with your miserable base money chances are you will be on a roll to kill you opponent with shows of magic usages. In the other single match mode you get to have one-on-one matches among a wide selection of characters. The problem is that I see no difference between them other than the opponent graphic. This is where you need some rewarding slide shows at the end. Instead, there’s nothing. One thing about Mahjong games is that you can never tell if it’s good written AI or cheating. The other thing is that they are easy to get into and are always fun.

Wrath of Heaven
If MGS is advanced AP stealth then Tenchu is elementary. Fundamental gameplay and stupid AI can still be fun as long as it’s stealth. With a little enemy arrangement tweak it actually lasts. Those one slash kills provide lots of satisfaction. All you need is that arm hook. The graphics are alright for its time but as a stealth game it can use some better lighting. Interesting and whacky character designs. Versus and co-op modes are unique and daring despite having major flaws. Camera angle can be a pain. Missions feel sort of repetitive.
Wasted potentials
Magical Starsigns
Very slow start and game flow, otherwise a traditional RPG with some interesting battle concept, which may not be bothered by most players. Nice graphics but somehow creepy character designs. The on map character sprites are however very cute (those dwarfs). The conventional elemental themed environment did okay to bring out some interesting locations. Very linear. Even some dungeons are as linear as one straight line. I am a big fan of this “save anywhere” system. Some mandatory hard biting leveling. Strangely harder opponents give less exp. Personally this game just doesn’t draw me back at the end of the day….

Ghost Squad
3 stages, 15 minutes to finish. Thankfully the game provides enough of unlockable weapons, costumes, alternative paths, and difficulties for revisits. The short and brainless experiences are good to satisfy the needs of quick short rounds of gaming. But eventually enough is enough for 3 stages. The party mode in which 4 people get to blast everything moving on the screen gets old even quicker. Other than all that, this game offers sorry graphics, sorry music, and sorry voice over. Still there are funs to be had.

Nothing on Jupiter – page 5

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

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Figurine Talk: Doraemon Scenery Set Part 3

Friday, September 26th, 2008
Got lazy with the cover design? Well, it’s called a series…

Epoch released the third Doraemon scenery set in 2004. Like part 1 and 2, there are 6 figures – 5 normal and 1 hidden with an alternative version. The theme is “Farewell, Doraemon”.

I got this set along with part 2. Part 3 cost me around $35. On Asian auction sites they range around $25~35. The original price was around $4 each figure.


3-1. Doraemon is not the only one in tears

The set seems to be named after figures 3-1 to 3-3: which was the official “ending” of Doraemon. The chapter was about Doraemon going back to the future, and Nobita showing that he’s capable of handling himself. Figure 3-1 is where Doraemon carried a wounded Nobita should be considered one of the most memorable moments in the series. Figure 3-2 recreates the very last panel of that chapter, in which Nobita stared at the time machine warp where Doraemon had gone back by. Figure 3-3 is from the very next chapter, in which Nobita managed to bring Doraemon back unconsciously. These three figures sum up the nice temporary ending of Doraemon nicely.

Figures 3-4 to 3-6 seem to be random selections to throw into the part 3 collection. 3-4 stands as a individual demonstration of one of Doraemon’s item, the voodoo camera. 3-5 introduces a special cameo character from another Fujiko F. Fujio’s piece, “Paman”. 3-6 has Shizuka in one of her paths…in my opinion, a MUST HAVE as a Doraemon figure.

3-2. A room without Doraemon

The collection is simply incomplete without that scene. Overall the choice of scenes are fine. 3-4 and 3-5 are necessarily memorable scenes, but since one is well done and the other has the cameo, they are passable. 3-4 shows Doraemon pouring water onto Suneo’s voodoo doll thus causing water flowing out from Suneo’s pants in person. The doll itself is pretty cute. The checker shirt is nicely painted. Suneo’s facial expression is outstanding. This figure creatively combines the two characters who are at different locations by splitting the stand into two. The water effect is also quite nice.

3-4. Talking about instant result.

Epoch continues its figurine flaw in this set. As a matter of fact, some parts seem to be a downgrade from part 2. The Doraemon figures have clear split lines in the middle. The smooth surface texture from 2 is gone, now the figures feel more like cheap plastics. Some paints kind of rub at each other. Even those info cards feel cheaper in material. My biggest problem remains with figure 3-6. I mean, come on. Shizuka is barely showing her shoulders off the water. Then the water itself isn’t even as good as the one in figure 3-4. The bubbles look rather like clouds. The composition sort of hides Doraemon’s great expression…. All in all, a poor attempt to threat one of the greatest moments.

Recommendable Value

3-6. Yes.

It’s got some great scenes, yet the inconsistent quality brings its value down. Still very recommendable for Doraemon fans. Fans should at least get figures 1 and 4. Everybody else can look elsewhere.

For guys who are interested just ebay “doraemon figure part”.

The XIN Fan Manga is almost complete!

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

16 more pages were added to the XIN Fan Manga today, and the final pages of the official storyline will be added soon.
Of course, some already know that that won’t be the end of the fan manga. ;)

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Thanks AnimeAnonymous!