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Voice Talent Audition – The Record of Dragon Burial Episode 3

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Because of the large cast of the series, we are looking for voice talents who can fill in for the newly introduced characters in an upcoming episode of the Record of Dragon Burial. Please keep a few things in mind when auditioning:
- You’d have to know what you are doing. Being new as a VA is totally fine, but if you start asking stuffs like “how I can record my voice” or “where can I host my files”, then maybe you don’t qualify after all.
- We’d like to maintain a good sound quality. If you found your lines to be statics filled, then you want to think about how to make them better.
- Some characters will be returning, so we’d like to have somebody whom we can keep a contact in the long term. Not somebody who’d do it for fun once for all and disappear for the rest of the time.
- All submissions go here or email

Here are the characters:

1. Chu Zhong Jing
Age: 60s
Gender: Male

Character Description:
Leader of a clan with well respected reputation. The calmest person in the group who isn’t afraid of being the first on the battle line. Experienced fighter who treats everybody with respect. Dedicated to accomplish the mission.

Voice Type: He’s an old man. Calm. Grandfatherly.

Audition Line #1: I don’t have to remind you of the challenge this mission poses.
Audition Line #2: Who…. what are you?
Audition Line #3: How did you detect our route?

2. Su Yu Ting

Age: Mid 20′s.
Gender: Male

Character Description:
A scholar type of character. Su is quiet and looks as if he has almost no emotion. Mostly a spectator in the mission, he will only passively fight when nicely invited. If it’s a matter of survival, he immediately becomes another person – cold and merciless. He’s known to be holding an umbrella under all weather condition.

Voice Type: Emotionally flat, but not monotone.

Audition Line #1: To see beauty prevail from such a dreary setting.
Audition Line #2: We’re lost?
Audition Line #3: You are a dead man.

3. Huo Tuo Zi

Age: 50s
Gender: Male

Character Description:
An unknown force from a border region tribe. Huo hardly communicates simply because he speaks poor Mandarin. He always does something nobody understands. In nature he’s a reliable ally who has no fear against anybody.

Voice Type: *The role of Huo Tuo Zi is supposed to be speaking an unknown language to the rest of the people. The VA handling this character please come up with some random noises that sound like a language for all his lines. It can be up to your imagination.

4. Gong Liang Dian Ming

Age: 19
Gender: Male

Character Description:
A descendant of the leader of the Beggar Gang. Opposing to his background he’s a clean, elegant person who looks down at classless stuffs. Thus his relationship with his father’s gang is ugly. He’s seen as a spoiled kid who hates everything and everyone. He may be isolated but he’s good at heart.

Voice type: Low female, adolescent male.

Audition Line #1: I am not afraid to die!
Audition Line #2: HUH?? Guys…….? Is this some kind of joke?
Audition Line #3: Why did I have to end up in this group?

5. Meng Jiang

Age: 40s
Gender: Male

Character Description:
He does a fair amount of smoking. He’s the second in command from the enemy group, who should pose a high degree of confidence. To his colleagues he should be a reliable uncle kind of figure.

Voice Type: Solid, manly voice. Husky welcomed.

Audition Line #1: Your life still ends here.
Audition Line #2: Great moves. But won’t do.
Audition Line #3: You were as good as dead.

6. Ang Shi

Age: 23
Gender: Male

Character Description:
The strategist of the enemy group. He can be a little more playful in his attitude. He makes certain commands, and is well prepared.

Voice Type: Sound evil, sound bad. Crafty, cunning. A deep female voice or a deep manly voice both work.

Audition Line #1: Inform the boss right away.
Audition Line #2: Our man has located the scroll.
Audition Line #3: Regret! Yes! You will regret!

The audition ends when the roles are filled.

September Art Challenge Poll

Monday, September 21st, 2009

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