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Spread the Dragon

Thursday, February 11th, 2010


Now that episode 2 has been released and episode 1 has gone on NG with the front page honor (thanks, NG!), we like to push the project around a little.

We need your help.

Help us spread and promote the project and we will give you something in return. Here are the rules:

- Embed or post the Youtube link (either episode 1 or 2) on a forum that you visit, a blog that you run, a page that you own, a social network page or anything in that nature.
- Speak a couple positive things about it, and ideally promote the site along the way. We can’t appreciate something like: “i hate this piece of crap but i was forced to promote it and here it is lol” type of thing.
- Directly reply to this blog post with the link to the page where you promote the project, with a correct email address so we know how to contact you later.
- We will randomly draw 3 winners and here is what they will get:
* Penny not included.
- Multiple promotions on different sites will increase your chance of winning.
- The entries will have to be received before March 11st. In other words, that’s the deadline.
- Anybody is qualified as long as you have a mailing address and follow the instructions.

Thank you and good luck!

Oh and that screenshot on the top is your first peek of episode 3 :)

The Record of Dragon Burial Chapter 1 Newgrounds Release

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Support this episode on Newgrounds!


With the release of episode 2, we now have also launched episode 1 on flah portal, under the principle that regular followers will always be one episode ahead.

Now we ask for your help to support the release on NG! An extra click, a good score, or a positive review. Anything within your capability is appreciated! :)

The Record of Dragon Burial Chapter 2

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Watch the Episode!

We appreciate your patience, episode 2 is finally completed!

I’d like to thank Crossabre for his hard work on the character design and animating, as well as his input on the direction and plot. Also thanks to Steven who offered a lot of technical support and motivation on the soundtracks.

And of course, all the voice talents:

Nikki Wright
Lucien Dodge
Chris Niosi

Watch it here