I’m leaving LiFe.1 for more important things. (April Fools Post)

Dear fans,

I am filled with mixed feelings today. This has been an issue that has been on my mind for a long time, but after many weeks of contemplation, I’ve finally decided to follow my heart and become a singer.

As some of you may have noticed, composing music is a very big passion of mine. I enjoy drawing and animating for Flash, but I’ve always seen it as a neat hobby rather than a passion. For the most part I’ve focused on creating songs for the animations and a few games here on the site, but I felt like they’ve always played second fiddle to the projects as whole.

I wanted to do something more with my skills, and it wasn’t going to happen with scoring animations.
What you may not know about me is that although I may be a sub-par music composer, I actually happen to be an extremely talented vocalist. In fact people have often told me that I have the voice of an angel (true story).

So recently I decided to take this amazing skill of mine and put it to good use, and so I wrote a few songs that I then submitted to various record labels across the globe.

Just as I suspected, the offers came rushing in and now all I have to do now is choose which label to sign with. So what does this all mean for Life.1? Don’t worry, LiFe.1 isn’t going anywhere, but Max will be taking over full responsibilty for the site. Unfortunately, projects like Surface will have to be put on hold, since those were collaborations between the two of us. However, we do have an amazing story concept that was proposed to us by a guy named Scott, that will more than make up for the loss of Surface, Kazahana, Rebel Burger, and XIN Chapter 3. You can read more about the new series, “Shadows of Black Dragon” on Max’s post below.

So there we go. It’s been fun, but I have found my true calling.
I know some of you will find it hard to believe, so before I leave, I’d like to share with you some the songs that I put in my demo tape. I will be working with more experienced producers to make these songs more polished for my album, that I know you will all buy.

Standards: This one is probably the best of the bunch in my opinion. I based the lyrics on a “friend” of mine, which is another way of saying that the song is based on myself. Warning: Contains profanity. Do not listen to this unless you’ve watched a movie that was rated R

Limit: Another song based on a “friend” of mine. This song takes advantage of my full vocal range, and listen to how I how i masterfully hit those high notes like a warm knife through butter. Not even Sanjaya Malakar can beat the sheer awesomeness of my singing ability. Its a love song. Warning: Contains profanity. Do not listen to this if you’ve never been annoyed ever in your life, and haven’t seen a movie that was rated R.

Start Again: This in my opinion is the weakest of the bunch, but the producers seem to think it has the most mainstream appeal since it doesn’t have any cussing in it, and since Emo will be the next big trend, this will be the title song of my album that you will all buy. Warning: Contains no profanity.

And with that, until we meet again, I love you all!
I’m so sad I could cry, but my tears are very expensive since I’m going to be a singer.


Sincerely, Steve..

27 Responses to “I’m leaving LiFe.1 for more important things. (April Fools Post)”

  1. Red Ace says:

    I fail to see how Start Again came out as the weakest, it actually hits me as meaningful, heck, lots of artists make a hit like that some point. Anyways, good luck in the music biz dude

  2. Ian says:

    A shame. Lifepoint.1 is no doubt going to miss you.

    You will come back and visit and help with projects…won’t you?

    We’re gonna miss you, Steve. Just don’t forget you’ve got friends here.

  3. xain says:


    That about sums it up.

  4. Ningage says:

    Well… you will be missed, and I wish you good luck…

  5. Super Genius says:

    Hey you idiots, it’s an OBVIOUS April Fools joke. Obvious because it’s posted on April 01, but more importantly those songs are shit. No record company in their right mind will give this guy a job as a cleaner, let alone a singer.

  6. Mega says:

    Yeah go eat a sock genius. I’d like to see your voice/talent produce anything like Steve just did.

    We’re going to miss you Steven Lim, and don’t worry. If your ever on T.V, just think, “Hey, that crazed asian boy from Life.1 is watching!” And be the best steve you can be.

    …And if it IS a joke, you had me.

    I don’t want you to leave, but your personal interests have no need to be attacked by mine. So go on! Do the best singing your voice can give you!

    Your Fan, Stalker, and Rat who lives under your house,

    Daniel “Mega” J.

  7. Qetadgzcb says:

    I’m intended to agree with Super Genius, especially after I listened to Limit. If they WERE serious about this, I don’t think they would have put it on April Fools Day, but wait until the day after or before.

    But I must admit, “Start Again” is pretty good…

  8. K-16 says:

    Wow… I didn’t think we would be THAT gullible… Two news posts with custom music and images… I’ve seen full-page layout changes that disappointed fans, but it seems your execution was spot-on. Nice job.

  9. Leon Loire says:

    If you’re smart, always be ready to accept guilibility over being right. After all, why should Steven care if this was posted on April Fool’s Day? If this is the real thing, then he wouldn’t want another day to get it out.

    I’m taking you seriously on this Steve, and if that’s a crime, then I deserve it. I’m saddened to hear you go, and hope that your work with music does as well as you’ve claimed it’ll be. Hopefully Max will be able to collaborate a Staff together to create Xin Chapter 3 and Surface, because I’m definite fans of thw two works.

    Your “Standards” is a good start Steven, and I hope it takes you places. Good luck man. ;)

  10. ultima_chaotic says:

    lmao! man, you almost had me there. but i realised the dat elike everyone else. but you CAN sing….nice songs bro.

  11. BlueKnight says:

    I don’ know if it’s a April Fool’s joke or whatever(I doubt it is) anyway I got a far fetch’d idea, u know the guy who’s paying u to animate u could use the money to create….
    or better yet a lifepoint.1 T.V. channel huh? huh?


    April Fool’s joke or not, it’s oh-so VEERRY AMUSING…

    Jonathan: HUSH YOU! What if he’s really leaving!?

  13. nobody says:

    Can’t tell if this is an april fools joke, but the singing was pretty good, though the lyrics were pretty weird and it kinda sounded like it could of been a Weird Al song, but you have talent (alot, and not just the singing)

    It’s sad to see you go Steve, especially because I was looking forward to Xin and Surface (thats how I ended up at this site) And remember that you inspired me to start composing music

  14. Tai says:

    Hahah, awesome April Fools joke Steve.

  15. Seishounohana says:

    I don’t think he’s kidding guys. And besides what’s so special about April fool’s day that everyone HAS to be celebrating it. I’m taking Steve seriously right now. XP

    :( It’s sad to see you go, I’m still waiting on the songs to finish downloading. But I’m sure they are awesome, just like the Flashes you and Max make. :) We’ll miss you, and if you’ve got the time DROP BY!!!!! DD Now… for your complementary critique? >>

    @Limit – I like it, it has humour. X3 Very catchy. .

  16. Seishounohana says:

    Then Again, I was told that it was a April fool’s thingy.

    Gosh. XD Darn you Steve.

    Your voice is AWESOME though.

    You should go make a animated music vid of yourself LOL

  17. Kid Rave says:

    I enjoyed the songs and I wish you the best in music. I’m also in the biz, and happen to think you got some potential with these tracks. I just wanted to warn you that your flash/songs on the pages aren’t secure. They can easily be downloaded by well…I don’t want to write it out loud and have your music pirated any further. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Keep up the great work.
    Kid Rave ^_^

  18. Unkown for Now says:

    Please no more April fools joke many sites that I visit did something similar, and I’m a very gullible person, so please no more….nice songs by the way.

  19. animeanonymous says:

    Gambatte, Steven!!

  20. Alazar Ramir says:

    God dammit. Part of me would like to say, Good luck steven as it seems real enough. Then again another part of me is screaming ‘Look at the date fool!’

    Can’t make up my mind now…

  21. poop says:

    at least now u get paid for doing something u like

  22. You had me going there…. don’t scare me like that!

    your are joking yes?


  23. Doncamale says:

    I know I’m a day late, but still. DON’T DO THAT TO US! XD Famous last words on april fools.

  24. Anonymous says:

    lol…im late :D but you shouldve noticed that steve wouldnt leave like that to pursuit his passion. All of the songs basiclly had the same beat and steve wouldve worked HARDER if he planned on doing anything

    Nice joke

    looking foward to XIN3

  25. XIN says:

    we’ll seriously miss you….i hope you can still come back one day…. :(

  26. hentai-guy says:


    no more ceer

  27. Magiblob says:

    =O! I hope ur kidding ; (

    But if your not, good luck on ur songs, you kinda sound like weird al xDD werid ass lyrics…but nice singing nonetheless ; )

    Gl both ways….this better not be a prank 8-/