*Thanks to loempiaveter’s heads up

In NekogamesCursor*10 you finally get to cooperate yourself. This smart concept documents up to 9 of you previous move patterns of your cursor and play them simultaneously on top of each attempt within the time frame.

Ultimately, see if you can get to level 16 with a strange sense of playing along side with your past!

&Happy Chinese New Year

2 Responses to “Cursor*10”

  1. Serbaayuu says:

    That game is awesome.

    Beat it on second try 8th cursor! Wooh!

    Trick is to put one of the first cursors on the seemingly useless switch on the bottom corner on like floor 5.

  2. SOSdan says:

    Got it on Cursor seven; great game, I like the whole “repeating the past” aspect”; forces me to see how sloppy I am when using a mouse ;P

    Is the programming behind the repeating mouses particularly complex? Just asking, no flames kthnx.